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   “Hey Jack, just had an idea for an article. You got a few minutes to listen?” “Sure dad.” With this, dad would either read over the phone, or we would sit on the porch, or in the living room, and he would read an article that he was about to send in to the Lake City Reporter.

   Sometimes, he would say, “Mom didn’t like this one, she thinks it is ‘tacky’ but I think it’s good. Just wondering what you think.” So we listened, made some suggestions… Dad always appreciated (although not always accepting) the suggestions, and submitted two or three months articles at a time.

   It was something he loved to do. Reaching out to the thousands in Lake City, who had become his faithful readers. When the article was left out inadvertently, the editor always received calls from people who asked, “Where is Jack Exum’s article?” So for years, he wrote, and touched the lives of many with stories, lessons, humor and tears.

   It is a real pleasure to present these to you, and since there are so many articles, we will be adding them as time goes by. Some are included in some of his books, and many are not… Many if not all the stories that are found in “Fables for Today”, are found here… thus there is no reason to replicate the book in e-Book form. You will also find hundreds more stories that were never put in book form in this section.

   We hope you enjoy and are blessed by reading and getting insights into dad’s heart.

   As dad always ended his prayer, this is my prayer for you… “Lord, keep us always in Your love… In Jesus Name, Amen.” ~ Jack Jr.


 Index of Articles by Jack Exum



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