A New Blog For Teens By Alex Exum – “Spiritual Cravings”

Here is a blog by a teenager, especially for teens! My son Alex Exum, has been through a lot in his short life, and the struggles and temptations of course are not over. Yet in his life of 16 years, he is showing a marvelous transformation as he yields more and more to the Spirit of God who lives within his heart and leads him forward. He shares freely, his past, which was difficult as you will see.

He is always seen carrying his Bible, and if you look inside you will find page after page of verses marked and underlined, as he reads through God’s word.

His goal is to be a Physical Therapist and Missionary. While he wants to help people feel better physically, his greater desire is to share Jesus with everyone.

Teenagers will be blessed through “Spiritual Cravings”, and we recommend this blog highly (of course). Feel free to contact Alex, and grow in grace with him!

LOOK FOR THE LINK UNDER “LINKS” ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS SITE and it will take you to “Spiritual Cravings.”

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