A Case of Beer

   Children are weird in a lot of ways. They are full of emotions, ‘vim and vigor’. They do things they often regret or get embarrassed about. I was no different.
It happened in Sherman, Texas, and I was about ten years old, I had just come home from school. It was a sunny day, and I went into the house, and called out, “Mom, I’m home.” No sound of mom or anyone. It was unusual for me to come home and find no one there. We were still living in the days when a family could live on one income, and be happy.
   I went into the kitchen as was my custom, to raid the refrigerator, and hopefully find some Twinkies, or a piece of apple pie. No luck… dad got there first. I was disappointed and so I went back in the den and shut the door. Then I found it… a case of beer. You just cannot imagine what went through my mind.
   Now, as dad told me later, when we could laugh about it… Sherman, Texas was in a “dry county”. That means simply, NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED. Dad of course was the preacher for the Church of Christ and was pretty well known, since he was writing books and doing personal work and visiting the hospital regularly.
   I was terrified, and thought that dad gone out and bought this case of beer, and had become an alcoholic. Well, I have to confess I went a little crazy. Being the oldest son, a new Christian, and determined to save dad’s reputation, I took this case of beer, all 24 cans, out on the driveway, and a ice pick, ion very plain view of anyone driving by, and started punching holes in each and every one of those cans. Of course since they were warm, and a bit shook up, these cans didn’t ‘go quietly’. They sent beer spewing several feet into the air. One by one they went off like ‘old faithful’. I was covered in the stuff, and the drive way smelled and everyone who passed by couldn’t believe what this ten year old boy was doing much less the smell that was in the air. It’s not over… then mom and dad came home!!!
   What does a boy do? Pray!!! Well, in the end, dad had been teaching a man who was destroying his family with drinking and he had convinced him to give up the beer. Dad was going to get rid of it for him. I guess, my motives were the only thing that saved me that day.
   It would have been easy for dad to get angry that day. He could have jumped to a wrong conclusion just as I had already. But he was the adult, he had more wisdom, and patience. Me? Well I was just in the middle of growing up.
I had (have) a long way to go in learning the truths of the Master teacher. Jesus said to his disciples, “Do not judge lest you be judged. For in what way you judge, you shall be judged; and by what standard of measure, it shall be measured to you. And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold there is a log in your own eye?” Matt. 7:1-4


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A Letter From Dad

   Dad wrote me a letter dated May 1, 1971, which was important to me then (and now) since I had just graduated from Preston Road School of Preaching in Dallas, Texas. The school has since been closed, and now after some 27 years of preaching in different states and countries, although not continuously, I want to share this letter and the
lessons contained in it because it may just help someone who aspires to preach
about Jesus, or just share His message with a friend.

   Dear Jack,

   Remember the day when you were twelve and we were out on a bird-hunting
trip? We were disappointed – no action! On the way back to the car, you
jokingly put an old rusty juice can on a fence post and said, “Shoot it dad”.
The response from a point blank charge sent the can flying nearly a hundred
feet down the field. Remember how we sat in amazement and viewed the damage
done? The gaping hole, the twisted metal, kind of an empty feeling. During that
moment a startling change came over me. In my mind’s eye I could see hundreds of
hearts, blasted apart by some pride filled preacher who knew little of the power of the Gospel and less of genuine love for the lost. From the garbage heap, that old rusty can has made it’s way to rest upon some of the most celebrated pulpits. It has a special place on my desk and permanent place in my heart. It teaches a lesson that is difficult to learn when you are young.

   Listen while I share with you the great message that it gives.

   That old can says, “Be careful with that ‘gun’, son, when you ‘point it at someone’.” The word of God is POWER. Power to save and power to destroy. The “sword of the Spirit” (word of God) can be (in some cases) a destructive weapon, and should be reserved for the ‘enemy’. Yet we’re in the business of salvation. The lost may not be an ‘enemy’ so much as he is just lost.  (Don’t treat everyone the same.) The word of God is also called the seed of the Kingdom. Put the ‘sword in it’s sheath’ and mount it by your side. Fill your hands with the ‘seed’ and sow it freely in every field. Face the enemy with the strength of the sword. Find the lost with the seed of the Kingdom. A man will not be lost if he does not Believe, Repent or is not Baptized. MAN(KIND) IS ALREADY LOST. The message you carry is not one of death, but one of life. It is heaven to the heart… not a ‘gun to the head’.
   It is the gift of grace- the power to save.

    Another lesson  learned is this,
    “Don’t tell me I’m going to hell unless you care enough to show me the way to heaven.” Cursing the darkness does not consume it. Blasting the sinner (with
the word of God) may silence him, without saving him. The sinner curses, runs
around on his wife and has a multitude of other problems which tends to provoke
“righteous anger”. What did you expect a sinner to act like? (The lost are
lost) if anyone knows it – he does! The single objective you have is to LEAD
THE SINNER TO CHRIST. Don’t be “turned off” by sins, destined to be destroyed
(forgiven) in conversion. The church of Christ is for “sinners only”, (Not a
show-case for saints). The New Birth is not a blessing (Christians) have
invented. Conversion is an “operation of God” (Colossians 2:12). Sin consumes
the sinner. Grace consumes the sin, and brings life. Care enough to do more
than condemn – care enough to save.

   If you listen carefully you can hear that old juice can say, “How can you put me back together once you have done this to me?” It is a rather pitiful sight. A sinner lost, condemned and hopeless. Along comes the ‘saint’. Yet this ‘saint’ feels that compassion and human understanding are sure signs of weakness and compromise. Winning battles and losing souls somehow does not equal victory. When we hurt needlessly, we not only loose our influence, but destroy the probable chances of others being able to help.  “We have met the enemy and he is us” is an
adage that can be applied to many a would-be soul winner, (and preacher).

   What does that tin can say loud and clear? “LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE!”
“I did not ask to be removed from the garbage pile and blown apart!” The sinner
(may be) unloving and unlovely… learn to love him. The sinner may be ‘unacceptable’ learn to accept him. He is a poor wandering soul. Take him up with arms of love. Speak softly and tell him of God’s great gift of grace. YOU CAN LOVE MORE PEOPLE INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD IN A YEAR, THAN YOU CAN BLAST IN, IN FIVE.

   Remember, God does not charge you to be successful, just faithful. Be positive, prayerful, patient. Keep the sword (God’s word) ready. Sow the seed (God’s word) gladly. Don’t hurt or hinder. Give hope in helping. Get your sermons “down” not “up”.

   Remember, real understanding can come even in cans made of tin.

   We love you, Son…



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Jack Jr Articles (A Big Order to Fill)

   It was Saturday, dad was in the hospital, and we were gathered together, (Bob, Sandy and her family, Wiwik and Alex and I), and he announced that he wanted to read a letter. It was hard for him to read, but it was intended to be a part of his last will and testament. One thing he included in this was, “I appoint Jack Jr. to take over writing articles (that he had been writing regularly) for the Lake City Reporter.”

   That’s a big ‘order’ to fill. Dad had a special gift in writing, and hopefully, a little of that gift is mine.

   This section is intended to fulfill that request in part, and I’m excited about it. I don’t know if the Reporter will publish any of these, but these are written with the same goal… to help people. More will be added as time permits…

   Hope these little articles, will bring a smile, lift a burden, and just offer some help along the way.

   In His grace,
           Jack Jr.


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