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(NOTE: As of Feb.4, 2022 we are working to fix some things on jackexum.com. I am sorry for any inconvenience and hope you will let me know of any problems encountered via jack@jackexum.com, Thank you.)

Welcome to what I hope, will be a unique experience. This site is continually evolving with more and more things being added (and changed). If you wish, feel free to become a subscriber. Subscribers may take part in  discussions and are also welcome to ‘sign’ our “Guest Book” and leave a little message.

Feel free to browse, and take your time. To some, this site may be a trip down memory lane when you see pictures of mom and dad and read his articles, and listen to him speak (“The Wisdom Box”) on the free audio lesson provided under “Three Unusual Days” … While to others it may be a ‘first time journey’. Either way, it is our prayer, that you will be blessed and encouraged and uplifted… maybe a little challenged in the discussions of different subjects. If you are interested in a Bible Study we have something special for you. Take advantage of the free study, “REDEEMED”.

Before I forget… feel free to contact me… it’s always good to hear from you.
Well, I’ve said enough. Time to get some coffee, grab a seat, relax, and browse.
Heaven bound,
Jack Exum Jr.

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  1. I remember you and your Dad, Jack, as well as your family, it was long time ago back in Ukraine and memories are very good about you and your family. Your Dad was good chess player and we played even few times even though I was a child back then.

  2. Hello Jack My name is John Cincinnati. I attended the McGregor Blvd
    Church of Christ ! I new of your Dad through I believe your uncle Jim Exum, & his wife Clara. We worshiped together,also Clara’s sister Wanda
    Boyer. I was there When your uncle Jim went HOME to be with the LORD.
    I remember a statement your Dad made,something like this He called Jim
    a rascale because he had to beat Him(your Dad) to be first to be with the LORD! Talking to you is a special treat to me First because we have in common some of your family,but most of all We are Family(brothers in the LORD!!!) I am really sorry for your Loss of a GREAT Man & Woman.The LORDS Church Will be somewhat empty without them!!! I know we can rejoice in that they are with the LORD!!!
    I just came across this book Church Issues can we survive,must we divide. Have to tell you Just seeing your Dads name took me back to the late 70’s &the relatationships I was blessed to have!!!. I am in Kingman Arizona right now. I just had a tradgey in my life,I lost my wife to cancer in march of 2014. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Your Brother in CHRIST John J Cincinnati

    • Hello John,
      I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you went through.
      It is so nice to hear from one who knew mom and dad. I heard dad saying the same thing about Uncle Jimmy.
      For a time, dad didn’t (couldn’t) share his pain when he lost his brother. Dad’s passing has left an obvious
      ‘void’ in the church. I still get phone calls and letters from people who knew, loved and appreciated him.
      He was one of the few who had the courage to speak out on God’s grace, the Holy Spirit, as well as ‘church issues’.
      I never heard him speak on grace (like he did later) when I was growing up or as a young minister.
      Now, I listen to him on tape and watch him on VHS and am just amazed. I remember listening to his audio tape on
      the Holy Spirit while driving home from Alabama (I was trying out for the job of minister there), and I was
      amazed! I had to replay it all the way home… His presentation was followed up with a Q and A session. His lesson
      changed everything for me, as did his message on “Amazing Grace.” Now, I am considering putting dad’s TUD lessons
      on the web site or make them available in some way because I believe so many will be blessed.
      Hope you enjoy viewing the pictures on the web site. Sometimes I just go through them and remember.
      Please stay in touch and feel free to share memories.
      Keep on growing in grace brother.
      Heaven bound,
      Jack Exum Jr

  3. I am glad that you have set up this website and that I ran across it. Years ago we hosted TUD and found it to be the most positive preaching I ever heard. I had made the first contact with the program and was told that Jack was so busy that er would have to wait two or three years for him to conduct the meeting, but could have another speaker sooner. We decided to wait and I am so glad that we did. I was a fairly young Christian when w held the first TUD and continued to schedule them regularly in about three year intervals. You don’t mention his appearances in Southern California, where we live, but there are many in our area who still remember the meetings.

    This has become too long but someday I would like to tell you a personal incident that went on here involving Jack and a touching thing my wife did for Ann.

    Last thing is, I am so glad to have had a little of Jack in my life. The audio “Wisdom Box” was touching and brought tears as I was reminded of his very special manner of preaching.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words. I would love to read about your memories with mom and dad.
      For sure dad conducted many meetings in California, and he really enjoyed each meeting.
      Beginning this year I began and am continuing dad’s Three Unusual Days ministry and am booking into 2015… and am using much of his materials and illustrations. Of course I have ‘made them my own’ and use my own style…
      Looking forward to being out in California when I get the call.
      Grow in grace brother!

  4. Jack ~ I am so grateful to be able to take part in helping you to build this site. ~ I have memories of being very young and reading your dad’s articles in the Lake City Reporter. No matter what the topic was each time, I always felt as if I had walked away a better person having read it. The articles always expressed such a sense of power and knowledge to me. As I worked with each article, I once again felt that feeling. It seems that you also possess this gift of writing; this power to “move” people. I’ve enjoyed your recent articles both here and in the local newspaper. It is my sincere hope that as you continue to build this site and fill it with both memories and with new articles that people all over the world will also be able to walk away feeling like a better person having visited this site.