Jack Exum

   Dad said he didn’t believe in predestination, but he believed in ‘mother-destination’, because his mother who was ‘stone deaf’ always introduced him to others as “my preacher boy”.  She wanted to name him, ‘Hardeman’ after the preacher, N.B. Hardeman. Granddad wanted the name ‘Jack’ because he loved boxing, and especially Jack Dempsey. They compromised, and called him Jack Hardeman Exum. He always said he was a ‘fighting preacher’.
   He was minister to churches of Christ in Largo Fla., Waycross, Ga., Alexandria, Va., Sherman, Tx., Dallas, Tx., he was a Missionary in Belfast, Northern Ireland, served as minister in Lewisville, Tx., Calgary, Alberta, Chattanooga, Tn. His full time work as minster began in 1948 and ended 1975. Mom and dad then moved to Royston, Ga., where he began what he said was his favorite ministry, “Three Unusual Days”. His ministry continued till 2008, and took him to congregations in every State in the U.S.A. and 32 countries around the world.
   He published 39 books, and produced 39 audio lesson tapes, 2 long play records. He wrote for local newspapers in Royston, Ga., and Lake City, Florida. His free lance writing covered 17 years, and resulted in 900 articles being published. He won First Place in the Amy Awards for Christian writers.  
   Dad loved all kinds of sports, being very active teaching swimming and tennis, coaching basketball and football, playing baseball, softball, golf, pool and billiards. To say he was competitive, is an understatement especially when it came to playing chess.
   Most of all he loved being with family, sitting, telling stories and laughing. His smile reflected his great heart and love for life and people. His writings reflect his love for His Savior, the church He purchased, and the lost He is always seeking.
    It is my prayer that you will truly enjoy reading this material, which is presented to you in memory of Jack and Ann Exum. They were wonderful parents, great examples, and counselors, and will always be missed. Dad went on to his “next adventure” February 7, 2010, and is buried next to mom, the love of his life, who passed away June 13, 2010.  Mom and dad are buried at the Gateway-Forest Lawn Cemetery, Lake City, Florida.

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