Exum’s To Keene New Hampshire!

We are very excited about our new work here in Keene with the West Keene Church of Christ. It is a small congregation of about 35 and we are so grateful to the Lord for opening this door of opportunity.

While Indonesia is still on our minds and in our hearts, we are thrilled and blessed to have this opportunity to serve in this community. This too is a mission field, and we have fallen in love with the people and the work here. Our plans now are to work in Indonesia one month per year getting to know and understand the work and help empower the brethren there to grow in grace and winning the lost for Christ.

We are presently in the process of moving in and of course the process is difficult. We covet your prayers for this work and love hearing from any who write. I am sorry that I have had to take a break in writing articles for jackexum.com during this time, but we will be starting to write when we get settled.

Thank you and god bless you all.
Grow in grace!!!

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Exum’s “Mission (to) Indonesia” 2016

Going to Bahamassalatiga jemaat
INDONESIA… is the fourth largest country in the world, with about 13,000 Islands, and a population of  252,000,000.

Wiwik and I are excited about this opportunity that the Lord has opened for us. Lord willing, we plan on moving there August of 2016… The “harvest is indeed white unto harvest” all over the world.

There are only a few missionaries in Indonesia from the body of Christ. While other attempts have been made, Winston Bolt has made the most progress. Winston is a 27 year veteran missionary to Indonesia, and as was written about in the June 2015 “Christian Chronicle,” he established the Batam Bible College on Batam Island (a short ferry ride from Singapore). Praise the Lord, that through the work of Winston, and graduates from this college, over 62 indigenous congregations  have been established throughout Indonesia. Presently there are over 2,000 Christians, and this number is growing.

Lord willing, this is the country where my wife and I are going to live and serve. Why? 1.) “We want what the Lord wants, and He wants Indonesia to hear the Gospel.” 2.) We have been looking for the Lord to open a door which BOTH my wife and I are excited about devoting our lives to. 3.) My wife is from Semarang, Central Java, and knows the customs and the language which will help tremendously in our adapting and work. 4.) We will be working as part of an established, successful mission program, with an Indonesian mission team of three men… WE WON’T BE ALONE. This is a tremendous help! 5.) We will be “hitting the ground running” by teaching English thru Bible, using the World English Institute (WEI) materials.

Our focus will be on the Island of JAVA! The Island which is the most populated Island out of the 13,000 which make up Indonesia. Specifically, we will be working with the congregation in Salatiga, Central Java, and hope to expand our work into Semarang and Yogyokarta.

The Solo congregation, located some 30 minutes from Salatiga is our sponsor there, however they cannot support us financially. David is the local evangelist in Salatiga and we will be working directly with him to EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE and BRING THE LOST TO JESUS! Radius and Timotius are the mission team from Solo, and they will be working with us as well. (Timotius, David and Radius are on the front row in the picture above.)

We are excited about this work also because we will not be alone, and will be in direct contact with the Batam Bible College, and with Winston Bolt! Mission work is difficult and this mission field is not an easy one, but being part of “Mission Indonesia” is a real blessing, and we will be working as part of the team whose mission is to take Indonesia for Christ!


1.) A sponsoring congregation to be our contact in the States, and administrate the support funds received.
2.) Financial support for this mission.
If you wish to have us come and share our presentation, or wish to receive more information you can reach us at  Home: 386-758-2431 or by Cell phone: 386-623-7438.
We will speak to any and everyone who may be interested!

sala3 baptism 4 Born again1 bornagain2

New Christians

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Exum House For Sale

I am not a salesman… we have a lovely house here, and we are looking for the right people to move in and enjoy this house the way Mom and Dad did.
A picture is below.

Description of the house:
Located in Eastside Village, 244 SE Sable Lane, LAKE CITY, FLORIDA
(This is a gated retirement Village for those 55 and older.)
* 1,934 (Heated/Cooled) Square feet
* 2 Bedrooms / 2 Baths (One room can be made into another bed room!)
* Manicured corner lot with lovely trees
* Close to Club House /Pool/Recreation area
* Formal Dining room joined to Living Room
* Lovely Kitchen with Island and Closet pantry (Dishwasher/Sink Disposal)
* Large Master Suite / Drawing Room
* Guest Room / Walk in Closet
* Possible Third Bedroom conversion
* Screened in Lanai
* Lots of Storage area including a Large Storage Room
* Single Car Garage / Remote Door opener
* Red Metal Roof
* Relatively New Heat Pump Unit
* Re-painted throughout
* Low Home Owner’s Assoc. fee ($35.00/mo.)
* Security system is in place… Operational ‘pop-up’ sprinkler system
* Appliances included (Washer/Dryer/Refrigerator freezer)

This is a lovely house, and ready for a couple who wish to retire in Lake City, Florida.
We are looking for a nice couple who will love this house as much as we do… We will work with you in making this the home you will enjoy.

If you are interested in Renting or Leasing this house… we are looking into this, and would like to hear from you.

For more information and appointment contact: Jack Exum Jr.,
at 386-758-2431 or send me an email either through this site or at jackexumjr@yahoo.com. WE WANT TO SELL THIS HOUSE!

Mom and Dad's House

Mom and Dad’s House

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Restoration Summit 2015 – On Linkedin!

If you have an interest in the RESTORATION OF NEW TESTAMENT CHRISTIANITY, then I want to invite you to join my new discussion group I on Linkedin. Just look for “Restoration Summit.”

What’s it about? Well, it’s about taking another look at how to begin again, (that is assuming we need the “re-boot.” The “roots” of the Restoration Movement are rich. There is no need whatsoever, to “bail out” on our roots, and in fact we should cherish our historical roots. Perhaps though, there is a need to go back and rediscover the good things and emphasize these, and reconsider how some things may have been badly handled and learn from the mistakes of the past, and make some changes. Perhaps there is a way to begin again and find a way to move forward into the 21st Century (and beyond) with something grand indeed. Can this be done? I don’t know.

What will it take?

First, it will take a deep respect for the authority of the Word and for what the Word of God actually says, as well as principles found there. We have no other ‘guide-book,’ and Jesus Himself is our creed, and example of how to live.

Secondly, it will take open minds, and the understanding that not everything is a “salvation issue.”

Thirdly, it will take looking back (20/20 eye sight), and re-examining where the church (small “c”) divided, which were totally unnecessary. Things which we possibly could have avoided, and not given the world something to throw back in our faces. Besides, ours was a UNIFYING MOVEMENT. Who knows, maybe we can learn from the mistakes of the past… and grow. We could and can still show that we can love each other, and work together in spite of many differences we have.

Fourthly, it will take understanding of where we went wrong, and courage to make corrections based on God being the Judge in some cases, and by all means, the grace of God which gives time and makes room for Christians to grow and study things out.

Finally, it will take courage… The fear of being black balled by some with a printing press, has scared the willies out of us… but we had better get over that before it’s too late.

What is the goal? To open up dialogue (ie just talk and listen) with all who have repented and immersed into Christ and have received the Holy Spirit as Peter commanded and promised in Acts 2:38-39. Our salvation doesn’t depend on our agreeing on every thing, but it does depend on some very fundamental things. Outside that, well we can still love each other, and even join hands and work together on some things that are bigger than our differences.

What did Jesus pray? “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one — 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me” (John 17:20-23). The question remains… will we stay in the struggle long enough and love each other deep enough, to realize this prayer, and goal which Jesus prayed.

While some wars and battles need to be fought, there are those who wish to pass down to other generations, some for which many are ‘battle weary’ and are not needed. While there is a place for boundaries and walls, there are some which are not in accord with Jesus’ prayer nor Paul’s hope.. Those who simply wish to fight and argue, well, just love and pray for them, but certainly, don’t allow their attitude to prevail or govern your thinking.

What did Paul say? “As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. 4 There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; 5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6 one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all” (Ephesians 4:1-6).Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it… so what happened to us? The above is still true.

What would happen if Christians could lay aside (just for a time), all the issues on cups, buses, hats, buildings, paid preachers, musical instruments, pitch pipes, song books, VBS, projectors, orphan homes, Christian colleges, Bible classes, long hair, short hair, no hair, translations, spiritual gifts, clapping and raising hands in worship, women praying with men, cooperation and non-cooperation, etc., and just stop for a moment of meditation… and think?
1. Who are we?
2. Whose are we?
3. Why are we “who we are” and “whose we are?”
4. Whose blood made it all possible?
5. What has made us ONE body, and how can we maintain this ONE body?
6. Whose Spirit dwells in each and every believer? What does this mean in regards to HOW WE SHOULD TREAT EACH OTHER… even when we disagree?
a.) What in the world does Romans 14-15 mean for us today?
7. How important… are the things we have listed above when compared with the pain and suffering Jesus went through to make of all peoples “one new nation?”
8. Can we learn to love, and get along with each other, and work towards the goal of Christ, to bring all the lost to him?
9. In the event that we disagree on something not a salvation issue… In other words, something that in all probability will fade away in years to come just like WOMEN WEARING HATS TO CHURCH has done… Why sacrifice the precious ONENESS of the body of Christ and embarrass or shame the Lord before the world, over things like this? Can we not have a “conscience fellowship?” In other words, “I don’t agree with what they do in worship, and can’t at this time worship there… but they are still my brothers and sisters in Christ.”
10. In the event that there are disagreements over salvation issues… can’t we agree that this is where the line is drawn, because God ‘drew it’ thus allowing God to be the final Judge on all the rest?
11. What about God’s grace? How does His grace apply to those we have judged and found unfit?
12. What if God is displeased with the lines WE HAVE DRAWN, and is thinking “How dare you break up MY SON’S BODY.”

There is much to talk about… and so little time, but the need is urgent. So JOIN ME, I welcome all who sincerely wish to just think and discuss together in this RESTORATION SUMMIT.
(Grow in grace!)

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Special Plea For Help In Liberia!

The following email was received recently asking for help and prayers. Please read and consider sending help to this brother in Christ.

From: John Kanu [mailto:jkanu77@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2014 2:53 PM
To: jackexumjr@yahoo.com
Subject: Thanks

Dear Brother Jack,
Greetings in Jesus name. I am very happy in the Lord to know you here on LinkedIn.
Again my name is John Kanu Pulpit Minister of the Monrovia Church of Christ Monrovia Liberia west Africa.

Brother Jack i enjoyed the level of work you have done and continue to do in the vineyard of God. May God continue to bless you and your wife.

The crises here in my country Liberia i mean the Ebola has brought everything to a halt no government workers go to work. This wonderful crises is presently causing problem in the congregation brother Jack. Lot of our brethren are government workers who have been stopped by the government to help fight the disease.

In our congregation we have three elders and three deacons who are working together with the Ministers in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I hope and pray that you can be a help to us here by providing teaching materials, songs books and even food to help fight the crises. We are not actually referring to you but you can be a help for us. We are here to give more information about our plight.

Thank you very much for your endeavor
Best regards
John Kanu

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A New Blog For Teens By Alex Exum – “Spiritual Cravings”

Here is a blog by a teenager, especially for teens! My son Alex Exum, has been through a lot in his short life, and the struggles and temptations of course are not over. Yet in his life of 16 years, he is showing a marvelous transformation as he yields more and more to the Spirit of God who lives within his heart and leads him forward. He shares freely, his past, which was difficult as you will see.

He is always seen carrying his Bible, and if you look inside you will find page after page of verses marked and underlined, as he reads through God’s word.

His goal is to be a Physical Therapist and Missionary. While he wants to help people feel better physically, his greater desire is to share Jesus with everyone.

Teenagers will be blessed through “Spiritual Cravings”, and we recommend this blog highly (of course). Feel free to contact Alex, and grow in grace with him!

LOOK FOR THE LINK UNDER “LINKS” ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THIS SITE and it will take you to “Spiritual Cravings.”

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Smashwords And Amazon Kindle Edition of “The ABC’s Of Grace” PUBLISHED!

We are so excited to be able to announce the publication of “The ABC’s of Grace”. This is dad’s original work! The only change being the use of the New International Version for easier reading.
The other day, I had the occasion of speaking with Charles Hodge Jr., in Duncanville, Texas. Here are some things he said…“Jack Exum ‘introduced’ grace to me. Back then, if you wanted to ruin a preacher, just say that “he has gone off into grace.” He taught me about grace and it totally changed my attitude and my preaching. “Everything I teach, preach and live comes out of the foundation of grace” he said. Grace has to be balanced with truth. “Grace doesn’t ‘make’ truth… truth is the revelation of God’s grace.” God is grace… God is not law. Jesus is the living demonstration of grace, not law. The truth of grace becomes law and preaches itself, law doesn’t… Law has to be ‘proven’ to me. Grace can preach law, but law cannot preach grace. Man can’t ever be fully right till he comes to grips with God’s amazing grace. I heard a story of a black man who was caught making moon-shine whiskey. Brought before the judge, he was asked, “Do you want justice?” The man looked up and said, “No Sir… I wants mercy.”

Charles and dad were very close over the years… Grace changed both his and dad’s life and ministry… Yes there were some brethren who challenged dad on this and other things he taught. By in large though, he found a hungry audience… Hungry for a deeper understanding of the “grace wherein we stand”, the grace by which we are saved not only from the dark past we all have hidden away, but the sins we daily commit. Dad shows in his book… you don’t have to go through life says from morning to night, “Forgive me Lord!” “Forgive me Lord!” “Forgive me Lord!”… Have confidence in His grace because we are heaven bound!!!

Get this little book… Grow in grace!
For the link, just go to Books by Jack Exum section on this site.

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Are You Having Problems With This Web Site?

    All web site owners hope they will have a site that is interesting and helpful… and without problems. I am sure our President can verify that! It is embarrassing to say the least. However, things do come up.
   We are continually working on this site… adding pictures, books, audio, and hopefully video lessons, as well as articles, and more. We encourage all who wish to subscribe to the site and add comments etc… to do so. It’s free after all, so why not?
   We just want you to know that if you have any problems, we welcome and encourage you to let us know so we can work on it and get it corrected. So far we don’t seem to be having any problems as far as I know. If you have some helpful ideas on special subjects you would like to see… let me know, we’ll see what we can do.
   Do you have some special stories or memories of being with mom and dad, we would love to hear from you and especially pictures… to add to the site.
   Well, that’s all for now… just wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year… Just think 2014 is coming! Maybe, just maybe with the Lord’s help it will be a better year for us all.
   Heaven bound,
   Jack Exum Jr.

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