Smashwords And Amazon Kindle Edition of “The ABC’s Of Grace” PUBLISHED!

We are so excited to be able to announce the publication of “The ABC’s of Grace”. This is dad’s original work! The only change being the use of the New International Version for easier reading.
The other day, I had the occasion of speaking with Charles Hodge Jr., in Duncanville, Texas. Here are some things he said…“Jack Exum ‘introduced’ grace to me. Back then, if you wanted to ruin a preacher, just say that “he has gone off into grace.” He taught me about grace and it totally changed my attitude and my preaching. “Everything I teach, preach and live comes out of the foundation of grace” he said. Grace has to be balanced with truth. “Grace doesn’t ‘make’ truth… truth is the revelation of God’s grace.” God is grace… God is not law. Jesus is the living demonstration of grace, not law. The truth of grace becomes law and preaches itself, law doesn’t… Law has to be ‘proven’ to me. Grace can preach law, but law cannot preach grace. Man can’t ever be fully right till he comes to grips with God’s amazing grace. I heard a story of a black man who was caught making moon-shine whiskey. Brought before the judge, he was asked, “Do you want justice?” The man looked up and said, “No Sir… I wants mercy.”

Charles and dad were very close over the years… Grace changed both his and dad’s life and ministry… Yes there were some brethren who challenged dad on this and other things he taught. By in large though, he found a hungry audience… Hungry for a deeper understanding of the “grace wherein we stand”, the grace by which we are saved not only from the dark past we all have hidden away, but the sins we daily commit. Dad shows in his book… you don’t have to go through life says from morning to night, “Forgive me Lord!” “Forgive me Lord!” “Forgive me Lord!”… Have confidence in His grace because we are heaven bound!!!

Get this little book… Grow in grace!
For the link, just go to Books by Jack Exum section on this site.

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