Exum’s “Mission (to) Indonesia” 2016

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INDONESIA… is the fourth largest country in the world, with about 13,000 Islands, and a population of  252,000,000.

Wiwik and I are excited about this opportunity that the Lord has opened for us. Lord willing, we plan on moving there August of 2016… The “harvest is indeed white unto harvest” all over the world.

There are only a few missionaries in Indonesia from the body of Christ. While other attempts have been made, Winston Bolt has made the most progress. Winston is a 27 year veteran missionary to Indonesia, and as was written about in the June 2015 “Christian Chronicle,” he established the Batam Bible College on Batam Island (a short ferry ride from Singapore). Praise the Lord, that through the work of Winston, and graduates from this college, over 62 indigenous congregations  have been established throughout Indonesia. Presently there are over 2,000 Christians, and this number is growing.

Lord willing, this is the country where my wife and I are going to live and serve. Why? 1.) “We want what the Lord wants, and He wants Indonesia to hear the Gospel.” 2.) We have been looking for the Lord to open a door which BOTH my wife and I are excited about devoting our lives to. 3.) My wife is from Semarang, Central Java, and knows the customs and the language which will help tremendously in our adapting and work. 4.) We will be working as part of an established, successful mission program, with an Indonesian mission team of three men… WE WON’T BE ALONE. This is a tremendous help! 5.) We will be “hitting the ground running” by teaching English thru Bible, using the World English Institute (WEI) materials.

Our focus will be on the Island of JAVA! The Island which is the most populated Island out of the 13,000 which make up Indonesia. Specifically, we will be working with the congregation in Salatiga, Central Java, and hope to expand our work into Semarang and Yogyokarta.

The Solo congregation, located some 30 minutes from Salatiga is our sponsor there, however they cannot support us financially. David is the local evangelist in Salatiga and we will be working directly with him to EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE and BRING THE LOST TO JESUS! Radius and Timotius are the mission team from Solo, and they will be working with us as well. (Timotius, David and Radius are on the front row in the picture above.)

We are excited about this work also because we will not be alone, and will be in direct contact with the Batam Bible College, and with Winston Bolt! Mission work is difficult and this mission field is not an easy one, but being part of “Mission Indonesia” is a real blessing, and we will be working as part of the team whose mission is to take Indonesia for Christ!


1.) A sponsoring congregation to be our contact in the States, and administrate the support funds received.
2.) Financial support for this mission.
If you wish to have us come and share our presentation, or wish to receive more information you can reach us at  Home: 386-758-2431 or by Cell phone: 386-623-7438.
We will speak to any and everyone who may be interested!

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