The Mission Continues – PREPARATION

Getting ready for a mission trip is tough! Best to start preparing as soon as you can and give as much time as you can to the effort. This idea 6 months to prepare and uproot and go into missions is for the birds (respectively speaking.) We didn’t even make a move! This was a trip lasting for a month, and we found the preparation (after 6 months) was inadequate.

I remember dad showing me how he prepared for his major moves, trips etc… and I pass it along to you here.

1. Get a spiral notebook. The cheap kind is fine but get one where pages are not easily torn out or lost.

2. Starting at the front, have a page or two for “Table of Contents,” numbering all pages after that.

3. The first few pages (depending on how many you need) are for monthly calendars. Fill the page with the calendar so you can fill in major things, start and finish trip etc…

4. In the TOC (after the calendars) list all things that come to mind which you need to do in preparation, important information, copies of passports, SS, credit cards.
Here is a sample from my notebook:
Expenses from the trip; Things to avoid; Embassy information; Health warnings from CDC; Things to do before trip (two pages;) Use of cell phones internationally; Things packed; Pictures of luggage; Cost of living in the mission field (usually a good list is found on the internet;) Things to do when in mission field; Emergency medial information and phone numbers; Contacts in mission field; Vaccinations and info from doctor on what to eat and drink or not; Emergency Medical insurance policy; and a large section is saved for a daily diary. Jotting down what happened and things learned, which helps later when a report is due back home and memory fails a bit.

5. I also included lessons which I had to prepare while there since my lessons (pre-prepared) were inadequate considering the audience we were speaking to.
So all of this is in my book, and as we prepare for the next trip, we will use this as a starting place and simply build on this preparation.

6. There are two pockets taped into the notebook. One pocket hold passports and tickets. Another holds Proof of prescriptions and records of vaccinations.

So that’s the notebook. Simple? Yes and no. But invaluable. Whether it is a mission trip or a move to another city to preach, I make a notebook, so I can keep everything to do regarding the trip or event in ONE PLACE!

I hope this little bit of information helps you as it helped Dad and has helped me.

Grow in grace my friend! Grow in grace!

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