About Jack Exum Jr

About Jack Exum Jr:
Redeemed and added to the body of Christ, May 31, 1959 at Southside Church of Christ, Beaumont, Texas. I must confess, I was a bit of a pain growing up… but mom and dad persevered. No real ‘roots’ growing up as we moved a lot. Early world traveller since we moved to Belfast, North Ireland for mission work. I went to Sunset School of Preaching for a time and then transferred to and graduated from Preston Road School of Preaching, Dallas, Texas, 1969-1971. I have had the privilege of ministering to congregations in Georgia, Saskatchewan, Canada, Indiana, Ukraine, and Florida, and lastly Keene, NH… (“Things change!” I changed – grew.)
As the song goes, “Regrets…I’ve had a few.” “Through the years, laughter and tears,” but as Ole Hodge wrote in my New Testament “Heaven bound.” As Marvin Phillips said in one of his lessons, “You don’t go to heaven in a straight line.” Well, I just want to get there… All by grace!

Now I have retired from full/part-time) church work! My wife and I have relocated to Northwood, NH 03261… Now we have a lovely small trailer in Loon Estates at 3 Esther Lane, beside  Northwood Lake. We are attending services at Water’s Edge a church of Christ. The minister there is Shaun Dutile. Their website (www.watersedgechurchofchrist.com). Not the usual Church of Christ, but a vibrant congregation of God’s people.

My lovely Indonesian wife Lauw Liang (Wiwik) and I are happily married and committed to each other. Together, we strive to serve God together.

(Recent sad note: My first wife: Dorothy Exum passed away in Belfast July 18, 2022.)

My Purpose and Philosophy statement:
* To edify, challenge and encourage the body of Christ.  Not only through published articles by dad and myself, but also through studies of the Scriptures, avoiding EXTREMES which lead to division, encouraging BALANCE which leads to unity. In order to grow in faith, which brings hope. To grow in grace, by which we are accepted with God through Jesus.
* To help reach the lost. This is the mission of Jesus, and it must be ours. Everyone deserves the privilege to hear about Jesus. There is ONE God, who loves mankind incredibly, ONE Savior, who gave His all that we might be all His, and ONE faith given to be shared in the power of His Spirit. All who have been and will be redeemed, come to God, thru Jesus, are added to the ONE body. That body has no official name in the New Testament but has several designations which describe relationship, with God, Christ, and each other.
* To hold to restoration principles
1. “No Creed but Christ.” (Written creeds, and traditions are not authoritative)
2. “Where- the Scriptures speak, we speak; where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent.”
3. “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, love.”
4. “We are not the only Christians, but we are Christians only.”
* To promote and encourage unity of believers. All who have by faith repented of their sins, and been immersed for the remission of sins into Jesus have been added to the one body. Christians may and often do disagree. That’s the way it is. Unity is more important than many of the things we have allowed to divide and weaken the body of Christ. Man’s traditions, necessary inferences, opinions should not be allowed to be considered authoritative. It’s OK, to question, and search for answers. It’s ok to disagree and keep studying. Truth has nothing to hide.
* To grow and help others grow in the grace of God. Just be a “LEARNER” with a humble, teachable spirit. Grow in your relationship with the Preacher of Galilee. Use your imagination to ‘join the twelve and sit at His feet, learn to listen, touch the hem of his garment, help gather the leftovers with amazement, see Him calm the storm and bring peace to the stormy sea as well as your troubled heart from your seat beside Thomas or Judas… Whatever you do, just grow!
“Whoever finds this, I love you!”


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