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Open Bible   I want to welcome you to this section of,
where you can study the Bible for yourself. My goal is to present studies that are interesting, simple and as free of the ‘traditions of man’ as possible. Traditions, can be helpful at times. However, when studying scriptures, they tend to ‘muddle’ the picture that God would have us see. The goal… to be a New Testament Christian, is not only very possible, but truly rewarding.

Our method? We currently offer “Basic Bible Course” free of charge. Use your favorite Bible to follow along with the lesson. Answer the questions and if you wish, send them in by email and I will answer back.

Maybe get a notebook, and take some notes, jot down some questions you may have. Write down things that stand out as important to you. Your thoughts, feelings, challenges… Keep in mind it is not WHO is right that matters as far as man is concerned. Why? Because only God is right. With that settled, the thing that remains is, WHAT is right? This is very important.

Yes there are many denominations. Yes, there are many interpretations. Yes, many are tempted to turn away, and do, because of this. Hopefully you won’t turn away.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Context is always “king”. This helps avoid misinterpreting scripture.
  2. “Who” wrote it? “Why” was it written? “To whom” was it written?
  3. Culture is a determining factor as well. This can get complicated in some areas. But when you think about your own culture, you understand, that something written with your culture in mind will not necessarily apply in another culture. (Example: Wearing veils, I Corinthians 11).

Anyway, that’s why I am here… If you have difficulties with something, feel free to write. Over time, I hope to be helpful in your quest to understand and know God and His word.

I don’t know it all. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I will tell you, and I will do some searching to find the answer. But, together we will grow. So don’t think you are in this alone.

My prayer for you, is that God will bless you in your study of His word, and that His word will come to be as precious to you, as it is to me and more so.

Above all, don’t quit. The ‘struggle’ is worth it!

In His grace,
Jack Exum Jr.


  Basic Bible Course

   Note: Basic Bible Course is available here in PDF format. You will need to have an installed  PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader).  You can download Adobe Reader directly from Adobe’s website.

The Redeemed Bible Study is also available here in the following languages. The English version may be purchased for $0.99 at your favorite eBook retailer.

Spanish |  Telugu dialect of India

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