Mission Indonesia

Going to BahamasWelcome to this special section of our website. Wiwik (my wife’s Indonesian name) and I have prayed long about what we want to share with you here.

Mission work is never easy. Thinking it is, is a prelude to disappointment and heartache. Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world with 13,000 Islands.

It is the only predominantly Muslim country which allows their citizens to freely choose what religion they want to follow without fear of punishment. This doesn’t mean there are not problems which may come from family members of those who choose to go another direction. The “fields are ripe for harvest” as they have been for over 2,000 years… as the message of Jesus still carries hope for the lost.

We will be adding news, pictures, and reports here as available. For those who stand with us in prayer and support… we thank you. For those considering joining with us by helping in some way, we thank you!


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