The 2017 Mission Begins

This section has remained silent for too long, but this is about to change. My wife and I, have just returned from a month long trip to Indonesia in order to get to know, encourage, empower and teach brethren in Central Java. As it turned out, we were also blessed with opportunities in Jakarta. Of course we were a bit nervous, but very excited about the journey. Much prayer, planning, and thought was given to the trip. It lasted from August 27 thru September 27.

Now, it is my hope to put out a report covering our trip and include as much as possible, not only for those who may occasion this site, but for ourselves and others who will venture into this field.

Going over seas (12,000 miles), demands much prayer and planning of course. Constant thoughts of “What am I forgetting?” “What do we need to take or not?” “What lessons are needed and how can we get our message across to people who don’t really like to read?” Many of the Christians are still “infants” in Christ, and so “How can we help them grow in grace?” If I had hair to spare, I would be pulling those hairs out probably.

Here are lessons I took along:
1. “New Beginnings (The Resurrected Life of the Christian.)” This is part of “The Story,” which we are teaching here in Keene. It’s chapter 28 by the way. I am doing my thing on this since I don’t care too much for lessons provided.
2. (Possible small group lesson) “Life Together.” A quick look at the “one another” verses, and how Christianity is a life of RELATIONSHIP within the body.(This was not used).
3. “The Work of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Christian Today.” The Pentecostals are very active in Indonesia. So the subject of the holy Spirit is very attractive. (This lesson was used.)
4. “Amazing Grace (Vertical and Horizontal),” is about the importance of ones relationship with God thru Jesus and His grace, but emphasizes the horizontal relationship with each other. This seems to be a important need with Christians there. Most do not understand “grace,” and how it affects everything in the Christian’s life. (This lesson was used!)
5. “How do you love someone you’re stuck with?” (Not my own title or idea,) but I improvise and adapt. Grace looks at dealing with difficult relationships and John 13 where Jesus washes feet. (Not used.) (But thoughts from this lesson were included in “Grace.”)
6. “Reach out and touch someone.” Deals with how important it is to reach those who are rejected by others. (Not used).
7. Life together… Making a Difference.” Is a lesson based on the beatitudes. (This lesson was used.)

Note: I found that when we arrived and got to know more of the situation and the people, that I had to change or adapt lessons to meet the needs. So I will be including these lessons as this section grows.

My wonderful wife and co-worker, will be teaching (for the first time) the ladies on:
1. “Basic Bible knowledge. A take off from Dad’s book “Basic Bible Course.” She has translated the lesson into Indonesian, and this will set the foundation for her lessons.
This translation will be included also as the section grows.
2. “Seven monuments of Joshua” a lesson which takes the seven monuments of Joshua and makes applications for today. (This was an excellent presentation with use of Power Point presentation at Solo.
3. “Tale of Three cities,” a Power Point presentation on the updated archeological findings in Ur, Jerico, and Ai. (This is a special lesson using part of Jan Session’s presentation (with her permission.) Jan Sessions wrote a masterful book on “Fables Don’t Leave Footprints,” and also does a marvelous presentation on this. We heartily recommend that you get in touch with her to come for a Seminar.

The purpose of this (#3) lesson is to present “discoveries from archeology that support the credibility of the Bible.” Wiwik’s aim was to help them see the connections in the Bible and that the Bible is genuinely authentic and exciting!
(You can get in touch with Jan Sessions by email at:

(Of course Wiwik had an advantage, in that she is Indonesian, and of course knows the language and the people, and needs no translator!!!) (I’m just a bit jealous!) However, as it turned out, she also aided Radius (the minister in Solo), in translating some of my sermons. What a blessing she is!

Well, enough for now.
Grow in grace!!!

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