Three Unusual Days

“Welcome” to a special section of a web site specially dedicated to Jack (and Ann) Exum.
As you have likely noticed, this site is ‘growing’ and it is taking a lot of work. This section especially is demanding since these lessons will be taken straight from ‘Master Tapes’ that I came across in dad’s office. Some of which are not yet published as far as I know.
My goal has been to present dad’s lessons, (sometimes I will add something and put my initials after it). Hope you don’t mind. I just get carried away. I try not to do that too much, because the goal is to let dad do what he did best, ‘communicate’.
His was a special gift from God, and it was especially evident when he was teaching others. Whether it be thousands at a time or hundreds, or just a few. He spoke with the same ‘fire’ and conviction, touching the heart with lessons that in some ways challenged some of our most sacred traditions. Not because he wanted to disturb brethren. He wanted to help people who were struggling and hurting. Some have taken offense at some things dad taught. At least he makes people think. So as we add lessons, I pray that you will be blessed, helped, encouraged, challenged.
The audio lessons (mp3) will also have lessons from mom. You know, she really struggled with being part of TUD at first. I remember when she was beginning, that she would write down every last word she was going to say. She would read and re-read these lessons till they were familiar enough to present. Then she would read again. But eventually, with a grace and love for people that we always saw, she would part from her notes and look up and communicate. Women all over the world loved her, because she was real! Truly a genuine caring person. She was the same in front of large crowds and small groups, and with just one who needed someone who cared. I pray you will feel this in her words. Mom in many ways was a better listener, comforter, and counselor than dad. Thus they complimented each other.
It was a ministry that spanned the globe, and every State in the Union. We are so very proud of them, and hope this tribute to them will somehow carry on not only the memory, but also the work that they did.
Here is a recent note which Carl Wade sent me… Jack was my mentor at a time in my life – and my wife’s (LaVerne)- that we were faltering to stay in preaching ministry. I was about 30 and ready to chunk it all. But in his winsome way he and Ann took us under their ‘wings’, gave us new vision for what we could do – and be….and the rest is history. Following his loving intervention we went on to have years of a most exciting adventure. He guided me in developing a ‘workshop’ ministry which carried me into 42 states, 5 foreign countries before audiences as small as 15 to gatherings into the thousands! All I was and did was by God’s grace and power…..and Jack Exum was the catalyst God used to turn us around and lite a fire in our ‘bones’ to help struggling churches, any size, any where! I still thank God today for that ‘vision’ that Jack had for us – when we had lost ours! We all are still blessed by his life.” 

   God bless you in your growing in His great grace……. Jack Jr.

Three Unusual Days ( The Training Manual )

Three Unusual Days ( Exum Illustrations )

 Three Unusual Days ( Exum Audio Sermons )

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