TUD Training Manual (Introduction)

Three Unusual Days - Training Manual (Introduction)   Years ago, dad discussed with me an idea for a new ministry. It was based on several things. He wanted to settle down and not move as had been the case throughout his service as a located minister. Although dad desired to do nothing more than “preach the word”, he came to a point in life where he wanted to settle down. He told mom, “You have followed me since we were married, and now I want you to tell me where you want to live.” The “TUD” ministry allowed him to do this. He still didn’t slow down… he just ‘shifted gears’ as he began what was to be a ministry that took him around the world and to all 50 States. Forty three week ends a year he was traveling helping thousands of Christians grow in grace. His message on the “Grace of Giving”, helped congregations raise their contribution millions of dollars according to his calculations, but his joy was not in the dollars increased… it was in seeing brethren grow in grace.

He worked for congregations in Largo, Fla., Waycross, Ga., Albany, Ga., Alexandria, Va., Beaumont, Tex., Sherman, Tex., Dallas, Tex., Belfast, N. Ireland, Dallas, Tex., Lewisville, Tex., Calgary, Alberta, Chattanooga, Tenn. He loved what he did… now it was time for a change…

He spoke with several ministers, with mom, with the family… and said “I’m making a change. I have thought about it and prayed about it, and I want to start a ministry where I will be gone on week-ends to different congregations and be home from Monday thru Thursday. I will be able to set my own schedule, and holidays, and we will be able to live where we have always wanted to live… close to family, and have our own house.

The ministry was called Three Unusual Days (TUD). He sat down with me and went over the following information which I am including in this web site. The reason? Well, I think people are interested in taking a look at this material to see how dad formulated this ministry and the principles he used in doing what he did.

Another reason is, there may be others who want to do the same thing. Mind you, TUD is not for everyone. It is not for ministers who have a gripe and want to spread division. Dad spoke with about 15 over the years who wanted to be a part of this, and was very candid with them as to what the “cost” was/is. it is not for the minister who has a weak family situation. As you will see, this will take commitment on the part of not only the minister, but his family as well since there is time away from family.

Note: There is nothing wrong with being a located minister. I have done this for some 27 years (with breaks). Located ministers are very important to the ongoing and growth of the church. It is a tremendous calling which demands much of those who serve in this.

TUD is simply a ministry that is meant to help, uplift, encourage and build the local work. It is for seasoned servants of the Lord, who can go into a work, and help each congregation in their situation, with special lessons, and wisdom. Dad NEVER told those who wanted to do this, that they had to fit a certain ‘mold’. The central lesson for the ministry was the “Grace of Giving”. When presented properly, almost every congregation experienced increase, and blessings to the congregation. Mission work expanded, local outreach grew.

Dad influenced many in his work for the Lord, and TUD was a big help. It is our hopes that this ministry will continue. That this ministry will continue to help the church. That this material will be a blessing.

This concludes the introduction of the Three Unusual Days (TUD) Training Manual. The other sections of the training manual may be read online using the links below. The entire Three Unusual Days (TUD) training manual is also available for download in .DOC or .PDF format.


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