Jack Jr Articles (A Big Order to Fill)

   It was Saturday, dad was in the hospital, and we were gathered together, (Bob, Sandy and her family, Wiwik and Alex and I), and he announced that he wanted to read a letter. It was hard for him to read, but it was intended to be a part of his last will and testament. One thing he included in this was, “I appoint Jack Jr. to take over writing articles (that he had been writing regularly) for the Lake City Reporter.”

   That’s a big ‘order’ to fill. Dad had a special gift in writing, and hopefully, a little of that gift is mine.

   This section is intended to fulfill that request in part, and I’m excited about it. I don’t know if the Reporter will publish any of these, but these are written with the same goal… to help people. More will be added as time permits…

   Hope these little articles, will bring a smile, lift a burden, and just offer some help along the way.

   In His grace,
           Jack Jr.


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