Immersion – Baptism (Greek, ‘BAPTI’ZO’)

“Now that I’ve been baptized . . .”

I have followed the example of Jesus Christ . . . Matthew 3:13-17.
I have fulfilled all righteousness . . . Matthew 3:15.
I have pleased my heavenly Father . . . Matthew 3:17.
I have obeyed the command of Jesus Christ . . . Matthew 28:19-20.
I have been saved (experienced salvation) . . . Mark 16:15-16.
I have experienced the new birth and entered the Kingdom . . . John 3:5.
I have the forgiveness of sins . . . Acts 2:36-38.
I have ‘called’ on the name of the Lord . . . Acts 22:16.
I have received the gift of the Holy Spirit . . . Acts 2:38-40.
I have acted on my faith (‘I believe that Jesus Christ is…) . . . Acts 8:36-38.
I have been added to the church, the one body . . . Acts 2:47.
I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit . . . I Corinthians 12:13.
I have ‘experienced the death, burial and resurrection’ . . . Romans 6:1-5.
I have put on Christ . . . Galatians 3:27-28.
I have been ‘raised with Christ – the operation of God . . . Colossians 2:12.
I am saved and have a clear conscience (free from sin) . . . I Peter 3:21.

Other references you may find as interesting as these. The amazing thing is how God put it all together. Using something so simple, to be a part of something so great — redemption. You say, it’s just water. Very true, but when Jesus commands it, he has a reason. In every scripture which mentions baptism (immersion), it always comes before salvation, joy, new life. Yet even baptism will not stand on its own. Faith, Repentance, Confession…. all play a part in the plan of God. All of it pointing to trusting in Jesus to do as He has said. He has never broken a promise, and He won’t disappoint now… Give your life to him, repent and be baptized for the remission of sins, and he has promised… salvation, clear conscience, added to the church, filled with the Holy Spirit, born again, and a home in heaven. 
   Heaven bound….


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