Remember when we knew our neighbors? To borrow a pound of sugar or a half loaf of bread was just as close as the one next door, and how we always paid it back with a bit of interest? A time when we truly cared about our neighbors and gladly would lift a hand to help? Can you recall when we would say, “Can I bring you something from the grocery store,” or “do you know how to fix this old washer?” How about leaning on the back yard fence and talking for an hour? So what’s happening to the world we once knew?
Never in modern times have we heard more talk about communications. We have, computers, fax machines, and the old faithful pen and paper – so what’s the matter? What has happened to the ‘good old times’ in ancient America when we cared about someone other than ourselves? Back when we didn’t have fences, bars on windows and doors, not only to keep us in, but to keep everybody out.
With 85 percent of Americans living on one percent of American soil – with people stacked like firewood, over, beside, around and under each other, it would appear that communications would be last on the list of needs. So, what’s the matter?
Communications is found within another word – CARING! Caring about life, about friends, neighbors, and even King David who wrote, “I looked on my right hand, and behold, but there was no man that would know me; no man cared for my soul” (Psalms 142:4). Caring for what people are, not for what they have. Caring for what I can do for them, not what they can do for me. Caring for those what are sick, and those that get old. Caring for the weak who often fall, and those who are young, strong and tall. Just the unique wonder of caring again. The simple marvel of greeting each other with a flashing smile, and the warm embrace, a sincere compliment. We need to begin CARING again!
Caring, sharing and giving are three words that go together. Each breath you breathe is a gift, each step you take, each word you say, every noble motive that moves you to encourage others are gifts that money cannot buy. Precious moments spent with wife, husband, children, friends, are all investments that pay great dividends in the present and in days to come.
Getting, having, possessing, titling, owning – We have equated these material things with what is real in life. The old rule was simple. First learn to BE, and then learn to DO, and then you can learn to HAVE! We have reversed the order for this generation. Have first, do second and then you’ll BE SOMEBODY!
What a lie!


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