And We Called Her Molly

Three years ago we bought a wonderful female dog named “Miss Precious”. Our house had long been empty of children and she filled a gap that no other pet could fill. She is loving to a fault, stays with us on our bed at night and to this day has never disturbed our sleep. She is not a barking dog unless the doorbell rings or someone gives a sharp knock at the garage entrance. We have had her three years and yet, with all of this treasure, there was a pressing need for something we did not have.
So it happened. Of course we went to the Lake City animal shelter, and having reviewed all the available “inmates”, on the third pass the decision was definite – “we want that one”. We adopted another female – a four month old kitty And we named her Molly. We ushered her into our living room, covered with a towel. Miss Precious could not imagine what we carried. Presto, the towel fell and the eyes of Miss Precious eyes went round and round thinking, “What is this?” Now, four days later they want to sleep together. I know that many of my readers are dog and cat lovers and you that are not really don’t know what you’re missing. I recommend the “Lake City Animal Shelter.” They do a terrific job at very low cost…
I did some minor research on felines in general and what I found was astounding. Cats (kittens), like most people are extremely curious. Secure all windows to prevent falls. I remember one man that got out on the wrong side of the bed and fell four stories. Store poisonous materials in an area outside of cats reach. Same things for young kids. Cats and kids are handy little creatures and have been known to open cabinets and doors. Watch out for hanging house plants. Kittens or cat are not the only ones who like to play “Tarzan”.
Keep toilet lids down. Cats detest water unless it’s toilet water. The lid may fall and you may accidentally flush your cat down the commode. What a way to go! A drunken man at a lavish Texas house party asked where the bathroom was. “Turn left at the first hall and it’s the second door on your right.” He staggered to the first hall, made the corner but he took the second door on the left. He fell into the swimming pool, and when the attendant came and knocked on the door, he hollered, “Don’t flush it!”
Keep exposed electric cords as short as possible. Cats love to pull them and chew. You say, “I know the cow jumped over the moon.” You know why? There was a short in the electric milk machine. You may be tempted to spoil you cat by feeding them table scraps. Don’t! This may lead to finicky eating- plus a diet that is incomplete. One little boy swiped three pieces of chicken for his pet, but mother grabbed him in the process, and made him return the stolen meat. Later, he took the scraps, and said, “I once had you a contribution – all I got now is the leftovers”.
Be sure your cat has a safety collar. King Solomon wrote, “My son, hear the instruction of your father forsake not the law of your mother, for they shall be an ornament of grace about your head and chains about your neck” (Proverbs 1:8-9). In other words, teach your kids right from wrong and the cats will come tumbling after.
Cats and kids love toys. They play with anything that moves, rolls, rustles, sways or jumps. Tie a string to an empty spool of thread. Cats are great little actors. They will entertain you for hours. Free. The spool and string costs little and will last a long time.
Keep your lines of communications open. We called her Molly. She likes her name and will audibly respond to it. It’s just another sign of love to a cat. One couple went to a counselor to help their marriage. He asked, “What can be the problem?” The man replied, “Oh what her name here, doesn’t think we’re very close”.
Cats communicate by purring. At one time, it was believed that a cat’s purring sound came from his throat. Now advanced science tells us that the purring results from a vibration in the wall of one of the major blood vessels in the chest. These vibrations, transmitted to your cat’s upper air passages create the purring sound.
Do you wonder what your cat is thinking? Check out his or her tail which usually serves as an indicator of mood. Carried high — that means that your cat is proud and excited. When the tail is extended straight — They are stalking a prey. When the tail is thrusting side by side, your cat may be frustrated, angry or agitated. When your cat goes round and round — don’t fret, she’s just trying to catch something that always seems behind her.
Cats are not divine but they are a creation of God. “And God said, Let the earth bring the living creatures after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing (cats), and beasts of the earth, after his kind, and it was so” (Genesis 1:24).
Do you want to go through a change in life? Adopt a kitten or cat. Our life has sure changed since we adopted “Molly” four days ago.


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