Gold Found In Lake City

    In my 3rd year of high school I entered my first library. I was attending a private school near Valdosta, Georgia, and most of the books were for research. For 50 years I wandered through life, reading basically what I had to read to stay current. I acquired a library of my own, choosing commentaries and bible related books that would help me in sermon preparation. I didn’t read many of the 1500 volumes I had but they made a good show for visitors.
    My wife is the reader. Constant, without fail she will have from one to three books open most of the time. I was too busy saving the world spent most of my time with people.
    We moved to Lake City fifteen years ago. Then I found it, I mean I really found it. It is called “THE COLUMBIA COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY“. It is literally a gold mine. I saw kids there and old folk like me sharing in the gold. Everyone was searching for gold – the gold that is found in thousands of books. To think that I survived all these years with the wonder of the world at my feet. Shame!
    The libraries are open for “diggers” nearly seventy hours a week. That’s 7000 hours a year. Yet out of the vast population of Columbia County, they have registered 16,627 borrowers. The 81 computers sometimes lay idle – just waiting. DVD’s are plentiful. The marvel of the internet waits for the inquiring mind. Florida. Volunteers provide more than 5000 hours a year. Their smiles are free and so is your card. Cards are waiting for all who want to dig. Gradually, folks of all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, and needs come through their doors (electronic for the impaired) every day. It’s a gold mine where every digger, or panner or shaker can find just those things that enriches life and helps reading skills. There is the Main Library, (downtown area), the West Branch library on the Hall Of Fame drive, and another branch in Fort White.
Deborah Paulson, Director, was kind enough to send me two full typewritten pages of information, and I thank her for this. Just walk in and servers are waiting to help your every desire and need.
    The apostle Paul wrote, “Wherefore my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, WORK OUT your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12). I am told that Paul’s term “Work out” has the background meaning of “mine deeper and deeper”. Looking for gold, mine deeper and deeper”. Paul later wrote to Timothy from prison, “The coat that I left in Troas with Carpus, when you come, bring it and the books, and especially the parchments” (II Timothy 4:13).
    One father told the school principal, “I taught my kid all I know and he’s still a dumb ignoramus”. Books open the mind to the world. To read is to know and to know is to do and to do is skill and ability. The wise man Solomon said, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).
    My Dad was born in Euray, Colorado. In the backwoods of that country, the 9th grade was as high as you went. As I grew up I would see my Dad studying. He loved books and was often found reading and studying the dictionary. He rose to be the district manager of one of the largest Insurance companies in America. He was a great Dad but he made one big mistake. To my knowledge he never took any of his seven children to the library. You try it with seven kids. I found the gold first in Lake City.
    An English Bobbie (Policeman), peeked in the expensive and beautiful pram (baby carriage), and received one of the shocks of his life.
    There was a child who was terribly deformed. His head was extremely large for the size of his little body, and he was old enough for wire like whiskers to be covering his chin.
    The Bobbie looked up for some explanation, and tears streaming down the cheeks of the Nanny (governess), she said, “HE JUST NEVER GREW UP, HE JUST NEVER GREW UP.
    Digging for gold will be a great thing for the whole family. Bring them all, there is room for each one, and the great opportunity to develop the mind. Encourage them with your presence and help them in their reading skills for they are the ones who end up in college and who will proudly walk across the stage to receive their degrees.
  Teaching is the only foundation for developing the mind. Mind is the basis on which we build convictions. Conviction is the foundation for true character and character is the marvel and beauty of life.
      No teaching, no learning, no learning, no mind, no mind, no convictions, no convictions, no character and no character-life without direction.
    Last night, Ann and I attended the “theater” in our living room and witnessed the marvelous movie (on two DVD’s) called “Victoria and Albert”. No commercials – just the wonders of history and the beauty of life. Just some gold we panned at the library.
    ‘Sign up’ and get started. Hold on to your hat – it’s wonderful.


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