Have A Laugh On Me

  The judge said, “Willie, is this your moonshine?” Willie answered, “I don’t know judge I hasn’t tasted it!” The judge said, “Well, here, taste it”.
    Willie turned the bottle up, which was just partly felled, and drank every drop. The judge stammered, “Well, was it yours?” Willie said, “Don’t much matter now, judge, I drank up all the evidence!

    The two workers were deep in the ditch. “Wonder why we do all the hard work, while the boss man is up there under the tree, sipping coke?” “I don’t know”, replied the other, but I’ll go up there and ask him”.
    The boss man replied, “It’s intelligence, just intelligence”. “What’s that”, replied the worker. The boss man put his hand against a tree trunk and said, “Hit my hand with all your might!” The worker drew back and as he threw the heavy punch, the boss man slipped his hand away and the fist buried into the tree. “Oh, that hurt: cried the worker. “That’s intelligence, the boss man said.
    When he returned to the ditch, his helper asked, “What did the boss man say? He said it was “intelligence”. “What’s that”, said the worker? “I’ll demonstrate. Pick up that shovel”, and as he put his hand over his face and said, “Hit my hand with all your might!” That’s intelligence!

    (Note to the editors: I would be happy to supply a short story, humor, or observations; each month as you request it. Just let me know. Thanks, Jack Exum)


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