In Politics, You Get Only What You Deserve

   This is the first and probably the last column I will write about politics. My personal choice of who should be elected is my private opinion. Paying taxes is a duty as an American – VOTING IS A PATRIOTIC PRIVILEGE.
   The Apostle Paul, who was a Roman Citizen, wrote these words; “Obey the rulers who have authority over you . . . rulers are a threat to evil people, not to good people . . . you must also pay your taxes, whether it is taxes and fees or respect and honor” ( Romans 13:1-7 ETRV).  The one privilege that Paul did not have, he could not vote.   He appealed to Caesar to spare his life (Acts 28:19) and that was his right – Voting wasn’t.  Caesar was too busy fiddling while Rome burned.
   Every U.S. citizen lives under a simple rule.  You have the patriotic privilege to vote for those in power, and when you don’t take the ballot in hand and fail to mark it, you surrender your power to those who do. Voter fraud is not so big a question as VOTER APATHY. In politics you end up getting what you deserve.
   A republic cannot long exist when those who compose it surrender the only power he/she has by neglecting to voice their concern. We all live under those we elect who sit in Congress and in the Oval Office. There may be some in office that define “politics” as “Poli” meaning “many” and “Tics” as a “blooding sucking insect”, But if there are those in power who are so defined – WE PUT ‘EM THERE AND WE HAVE KEPT THEM THERE!
   A most important election faces Americans. Study the field of candidates carefully. With your own conviction as your guide, make your way to the polling station, field the power that is in your pen, and VOTE. As a citizen of this nation, that is not only your right, it is your God given duty.

Jack Exum, columnist for the Lake City Reporter


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