TUD Training Manual – Special Elders Meeting

Three Unusual Days Training Manual  (Special Elders Meeting)

  1. Always meet with Elders or Leadership
  2. Meet before or after Sunday PM service.
  3. Have Packet ready to Show and Leave
    A. Make up your own which will best present your mission and ministry. Don’t be cheap. Make it attractive.
  4. Review Cards – Results
    A. Have it clear to present
    B. Figures ready – so you are working in afternoon Sunday getting this ready.
    C. eg. 82 members – 81% participated – $386.00 per week increase in contribution – 32% increase = yearly budget of $20,072.00
    D. Tell elders:
    i.) This is great…
    ii.) Must believe your members will do what they say.
  5. (Instruction re:) Following week after your TUD:
    A. “During week, have audit- look – post – adjust your budget – announce the great news.”
    B. “Victory service – special lesson”
    C. “Elders speak and praise congregation”
  6. “Appeal for support and help in your work.”
  7. “Gather materials and leave” meeting
    A. “Let elders make decision alone”


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