TUD Training Manual (Schedule Book)

Three Unusual Days Training Manual (Schedule Book)

This cannot be over emphasized… I referred to it on the last page, that was for any important project you might have.. eg. moving. This book will capture your TUD work.

  1. “Review all materials” that you need to put in this book. This is for important things directly connected to your TUD ministry.
  2. “GET A NOTHING BOOK” – Thick
  3. “Keep one record (set) SAFE!!!”
  4. “In DV (Lord willing) Book:
    a.) Records
    b.) 10 Commandments
    c.) Support congregations and addresses etc…
    d.) Special addresses
    e.) Publication addresses
    f.) Reward to finder if book is lost
    g.) Monthly (calendar) dates
    h.) Yearly running totals of increases of contributions.
    i.) Special index of cities / appointments
    j.) Make a pocket for your pictures needed for advertisements
  5. This book should hold “10 years of records”
  6. “Updates”
  7. Pay attention to and “protect covers” of book.
  8. “Pertinent information re: your family”
  9. “Index”
  10. “Any other items you desire”

Note: Don’t forget the Blue Ridge Encampment as a possibility for speaking at and attending to meet and greet… and grow spiritually… Good time for family.


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