TUD Training Manual – Material to Be Presented

Three Unusual Days Training Manual (Lesson Material)

    A.) Dad is saying, relate to people all thru your lesson
  2. Materials
    A. Pick your best 25 lessons / re-work them make better
    B. Select 12 from these
  3. Natural Attrition
    A. Some lessons just don’t ‘have it’.
    B. Re-evaluate each lesson, and weed out the poor/ineffective.
    C. Remember: First year is tough
  4. Lessons that worked
    A. Attitudes
    B. Home
    C. Evangelism
    D. Church Growth
    E. Sex (Get dad’s book if need to)
    F. Prayer
    G. Leadership
    H. God
    I. Vision
    J. Joy
    K. Grace
  5. Selection Presentation
    A. Entirely up to speaker
  6. Giving Lesson – Center piece/ Common to us all/ Prime purpose
    A. Memorize – Line – Thought – Illustrations
    B. ‘Evolutionize’ – Personalize this lesson. Make it yours.


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