TUD Training Manual (Ten Commandments)

Three Unusual Days Training Manual - 10 Commandments

  1. “Scheduling = The ‘sale’ is the responsibility of the evangelist.”
    * “Please yourself” (It is up to you which requests you say “yes” or “no”to.)
    * “Please your family” (Sit down with your family and be sure you have the support.)
    * See commandment #9
    * Providence – Always pray about your ministry (Be open to the guiding of the Lord in your ministry.)
  2. “All (TUD) meetings are scheduled from Friday thru Sunday.”
    * Drive/Fly – Friday and speak Friday night.
    * Hear the evangelist three (3) times before presentation of lesson on giving. (Congregation needs to get to know you, feel comfortable with you and your style.)
    * Increase interest – Fri. thru Sunday
    * Have congregation advertise well in advance.. (Expecting 60% (Fri.) 60% (Sat.) 95% (Sun am) and 85% (Sun. pm). (These numbers are for you to guage how congregation is responding to your lessons and style). Over riding principle: BE HAPPY WITH ANY NUMBER ATTENDING!
  3. “Home week-ends must (should) be observed.” (Protect your home!)
    * 1st year – will be rough – take 15 days at home – focus on family time.
    * 2nd year – “4 to 1” – plan on working 4 weekends and take one weekend off – 17 days home
    * 3rd year and forward – “3 to 1” – take 20 days at home.
  4. “All remunerations to go to sponsoring congregation.”
    * Protect yourself/ reputation etc…
    * Sponsoring congregation pays you.
    * Pay attention to taxes
    * Help raise money for different causes??? “Stay out of it!”
  5. “Will refuse all other job offers”
    * “Concentrate on ONE – TUD (commitment)”
    * Exceptions – (none noted)
    * Good judgment – In all things, use good judgment.
  6. “Have good relationship with your local congregation.”
    * (Dad lined thru: “Have a written agreement given and received from supporting congregation.”) (May be good idea/ maybe not.)
  7. “All background support raised by the evangelist”
    * Always need one more (supporting congregations and individuals sometimes drop out – plan for emergencies)
    * See – notes on “How to raise support”
  8. “Vacation time – reserved – observed”
    * First year – Zip (no vacation)
    * Second year – 2 weeks
    * Third year and fwd. – 4 weeks
  9. “Impartial – First ask – First Go”
    * Regardless of size (of congregation)
    * Regardless of ability to pay (Go anyway)
    * Providence – God will bring greatest blessings from congregations that have limited resources.
    * 1/3 of all appointments (Per yr.) = mission points
    * “Priority – Humor – Risk” (Dad is talking about the main reason for your ministry… of course to “Preach the word”. Involved in this is bringing your message to life, using your method, personality. Not trying to copy someone else. Use humor, and illustrations. There is risk involved of course every time you speak, but “let go and let God” work through you.)


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