TUD Training Manual – How to Build Your Meeting Schedule

Three Unusual Days Training Manual (How to Build Your Meeting Schedule)

  1. “Large map of USA – mark all cities where you know some one – some congregation. Extra: The following is an idea that dad used and taught me… Get a notebook and number pages. Draw full page calendars for one year in front of book. Table of contents #1-whatever. Section at the end for phone numbers and addresses. All other pages can be used for things that need to be done/ problems that need addressed. When finished working this book, it will be valuable item for information.
  2. “List all preachers-elders etc… addresses/ phone numbers.
    a.) “Where the Saints Meet”
  3. “Begin an accurate mailing list – Zip Codes”
  4. “List all congregations where you have preached and worked/meetings/local work/VBS/Camps/ Seminars/etc…”
  5. “List preachers/ congregations that you know, (whether they know you or not).”
  6. “Brotherhood papers – Periodicals – good source for names/addresses. Preacher schools.”
    a.) The idea is to get contacts and follow up, and set up appointments and or let them know what you are doing.
    b.) Remember, everyone knows someone… get referrals.
  7. “At all meetings – meet – greet – solicit (elders/preachers/members)
  8. Re-book meetings – 2 to 3 years away Extra: Dad always was ready for cancellations.
    Things happen. Be ready to call and fill the spot.
  9. Pray fervently
  10. Never miss an opportunity
  11. Make calls at airports (yellow pages/ congregations)… GET APPOINTMENT CONTACTS.

The obvious point is, prospect all the time.


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