TUD Training Manual – (How to Approach Elders for Support)

Three Unusual Days Training Manual - How to Approach Elders for Support

(Note: Elders have a heavy responsibility… caring for the “flock which the Holy Spirit has given them oversight”. Obviously they deserve your respect. With this in mind, elders do not expect you to “grovel”. Sure they are approached with a lot of ‘pleas’ for help in many ways… mainly money. However, Godly shepherds appreciate honesty, openness, and a determined commitment to serve the Lord.)

Here are dad’s suggestions… and a few notes:

  1. “Show cards – Give review”. (Preparation needed)
    a.) Since this is done after lessons finished (Sunday AM or PM)… This is where all cards used to gain commitment from congregation are reviewed, and show increase of congregational commitment per week/month/ year.
    b.) Note: Be up front with the elders, and be sure to let them know ahead of time that you need to speak to them for a half hour after lesson on Giving is done… or Sunday pm after all services are over.
  2. “I need your help” – (“Honest – Straight”) (and to the point)
    a.) Plan on a open, up front, straight discussion and presentation.
  3. “Share how funds are gathered”
    a.) Remunerations
    b.) Monthly Support
  4. “Costs “X” $$$ to go each week.
    a.) Do the math/ figure what it averages out to per week/month etc…
    b.) “If they will not help- (ie support on monthly basis) – they can pay full fare” or “pay $50.00 per month for a year etc…” . Dad is giving them a choice here… Keep in mind he is dealing with costs in 1980.
  5. “Need $100.00 per month times years committed.” (One year at $100.00 per month is 23.08 per week.)
  6. Explain – This commitment would make you “Their home missionary”.
    a.) Here you must show them the blessings your ministry is making to congregations, large and (especially) the small and struggling.
  7. “Small portion of funds raised”
    a.) Their support will be greatly appreciated, and will be a small portion of funds raised. Every bit helps.
  8. “Need to know – Tonight before leaving tomorrow”
  9. Be straight with them – “Hungry – Please Help us!”
  10. “Keep Attitude Right = Either way- come away right”
    a.) Will send monthly report to all supporters/ helping congregations.
    b.) Yearly financial report sent.
    c.) Your missionary


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