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The Holy Spirit actually dwells in the Christian! This in itself is amazing! The Old Testament shows us God’s presence is seen everywhere… especially at Mt. Sinai (Exo. 24:15-17). Moses covers his face … Tabernacle is built… (Exo. 25:8; 29:42-43). The Glory of God, the “Shekinah” is seen. When Solomon builds the Temple, the Shekinah appears (I Kgs. 8-6-12)… When Ezra and Nehemiah lead in re-building the temple, and it is re-dedicated… no “Shekinah“ (glory) appears. Israel waits for “glory” to return w/ Messiah, but = disappointed in Jesus! (Jno. 1:14) NOT WHAT THEY EXPECTED… The church is promised, established and the HOLY SPIRIT (“Shekinah” “glory”) – is “poured out” – The GIFT of the Spirit is given… Christians are the TEMPLE. I Cor. 3:16; 6:19; Eph. 2:21-22…
Read Holy Spirit and Revolutionary Grace by Jay Guinn pg. 26-27
Question: “How do your friends know that God’s seal is on you?”
Read pg. 34 (ibid) “Many struggle w/ understanding ….”  HOW CAN WE KNOW???
Now let’s consider several things which will help us grow.

1. How the Holy Spirit actually changes and empowers us
    A. We are weak and imperfect people… we sin! Right?
    B. Read 2 Peter 1:4
    C. When we receive the Spirit, He gives us His Divine nature.
         a.) This means real change from what we were before, to spiritually alive
              and  He strengthens us to better obey His will.
     D. God helps us…. He wants us to make it to the end, thus all tools available  
          are given.
2. How is our nature changed by the Holy Spirit? (this is hard to explain)
    A. READ: Jno. 3:6-8
         1.) What does it mean, “Spirit gives birth to spirit”?
               a.) Seems to say, when we are saved, that we become spiritualized
                     beings. (No longer just flesh, blood and soul)
               b.) So God gives us ‘a piece’ of Himself, His Spirit implanted within us.
         2.) Verse 8 leads me to believe we cannot feel, see or touch it…. can only see  
               the RESULTS..
     B. READ: Romans 8:5-6,9 (note the phrases “after the Spirit” and “in the Spirit”         
         1.) He is in us, and WE ARE IN HIM, and “after” (according to) the Spirit…
         2.) Paul does his best to explain that we are INTIMATELY CONNECTED TO
     C. Can good (non-Christian) people do good things?  – Yes.
          Can Christian people do bad things? Yes – FREE WILL
          1.) But the good done by good people does not please God, they are not good
               enough… can’t be good enough. (outside Christ).
          2.) The good done by Christians is the product of the Spirit dwelling in 
               and working in them.
          3.) When Christians do good, it is coming from a better source… from faith
               in God, and love prompted by the Spirit. We are better because of His Spirit.
          4.) Christians are temples of God, I Corinthians 6:19 (a place where God’s Spirit
                has a special dwelling place and is worshipped there). The “temple” is
                made holy, cleansed by the blood, and changed from mortal to immortal, from
                profane to holy. He has made us a suitable place where God can dwell
                through His Spirit.
          5.) Local congregation is also a temple for the Spirit, I Cor. 3:16-17; Eph. 2:21-22
               a.) Flawed, sinful people living in a far from perfect community become a holy.
                    sacred place for God’s Spirit.
               b.) Because we stand forgiven
               c.) In preparation for what is coming. (Jesus is coming to take home His Bride)
               d.) Look at John 4:24 “God is Spirit….” our worship must be in
                    i.) This is God’s nature and it is our new nature, from which we worship.
                    ii.) We are so remade with the same substance as God.
                   iii.) Eve came from Adams rib… we are remade from God’s by His 
               e.) All this supports what Paul says in Ephesians 1:19b-21, 22-23; 2:6-7 
                     i.) We are already “seated” with Him in heaven, on the throne… we are
                         His body.
3. The Holy Spirit’s work in our hearts 
    A. READ: Hebrews 8:10-12
    B. The Spirit changes our lives by CHANGING OUR HEARTS, Heb. 8:10;
         Phil. 2:12-13
         1.) by helping us know an unknowable love, Eph. 3:16-19
         2.) by helping us understand a peace beyond understanding, Phil. 4:7
         3.) by helping us with knowledge, I Cor. 2:14-16; Eph. 3:16-19; I Jno. 2:20-27
         4.) by helping us do through passionate faith what seems impossible, Heb.11
         5.) by making us holy, and keeps us… Romans 15:16; I Cor. 6:11; 2 Thess. 2:12
         6.) by empowering our life.2 Cor. 4:6-7
         7.) by helping us in prayer Romans 8:26-28

What we have not said…..
1. that the Spirit takes away free will….
2. that the Spirit gives extra revelation equal to scripture,
3. that there are modern day “prophets” that can add to or take from scripture
4. that the Spirit only works through the Bible… the Bible is not a Holy Relic
    in which the Spirit is trapped.

1.The Spirit is given to every Christian, whether or not they recognize it, to reinforce and strengthen our hearts and minds to obey and follow His will.
2.The Spirit empowers us to do what God wants done in the world. (We aren’t told to do something and not given the power to do it.) Therefore, the power to love, serve, speak (testify), etc… is ours through the Holy Spirit.
3. The Spirit works where He lives…. in His temple…. the hearts and lives of Christians.

(Thank you Jay Guinn for your helpful study on this subject…







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