Lost And Found – Lost Son And The Gracious Dad

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   “Jesus continued: “There was a man who had two  sons. The younger one said to his father, ‘Father, give me my share of the  estate.’  So he divided his property  between them” (Luke 15:11-12). Sometimes parents disappointment to their children… but not in this case.  
   The father had two sons, both will, disappoint the father in different ways. The younger son came to his father and as one version says, “give me what is coming to me”. If I had said that to dad, he probably would have given me something, but it wouldn’t be money. The father responded by giving him his part of the estate. Now it was up to him what he would do with it. 
   This son, had been planning. Perhaps he was tired of the rules and regulations. Perhaps he was tired of his older brother. The dust from the road was on his heart, long before it got on his feet. He packed up, no signs of saying ‘good bye’, and he left. This alone broke the father’s heart. Sleepless nights, and worry filled days followed as every meal would hear the echo of the father… “My son is gone!” His days of waiting,
hoping and watching began….
   The son… he was ‘free’ at last. He was on his way and would not stop even though he knew what he had done had broken his father’s heart. He would not stop until he reached his destination, a country where he could ‘be his own man’. He was the ‘life of the party’, and he ‘picked up the tabs’. People would finally ‘respect’ and ‘look up’ to him, he thought. “(Prodigal) riotous living” meant just that for him… wild parties, drinking and women! No one to stand in his way now! 
   Satan makes many promises of unbridled pleasure and ‘fun’, yet as someone has said, “Satan always crops the picture” of what he promises. The picture of ‘paradise’ leaves off the pig pen. Satan doesn’t want us to see the whole thing all at once, especially where all this leads. The son would have never made the first step in this direction if he had known a stinking pig pen was waiting for him. Satan’s promises are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS… worse in the end. 
It happened… the money ran out, the friends ‘ran out’ as well. The ‘respect’ he
had gained, was gone, and since there was a famine in the land, the consequences were catastrophic. This son had to sell himself to someone in the land. 
   The job he got… feeding pigs in the pigpen. Now I love bacon like most people, and
wouldn’t have a problem with raising pigs. I have been to some pig roasts, and
it was good tasting meat. However, this was forbidden to Jews. The pig pen,
well what do you think it was like? In a word, “STINKING”! He had no food, so
he was eating what the pigs got.  
    How far does one have to go before he finally wakes up? What will a person ‘eat’ before he finally wakes up? He hit the bottom… “I’ve had enough… I’m going home.” 
    The father, he is still waiting, hoping and praying…. for his son.


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