Little Annie

A number of years ago there was a mental institution outside of Boston that had a little girl locked in a dungeon known as “Little Annie.” She was considered “hopelessly insane” and put her in a cage. However, there was an elderly nurse who was serving in the institution, who felt that no one was beyond the love of God. She took it upon herself to communicate this love to her.
Little Annie was like a wild animal. Sometimes she would attack those who came into her cage. At other times she would act as if they weren’t even there.
The elderly nurse decided to start eating her lunch while sitting beside Annie’s cage in the dungeon. She offered her a brownie, but was ignored. So, she left some beside the cage in the evening. The next morning they were gone. So, every Thursday, she continued to bring her brownies. After a brief time, little Annie was moved “upstairs.” Eventually Little Annie was told she could leave the institution and go out into the world, but she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to stay and help someone else like the nurse had helped her.
The story now shifts to England. Queen Victoria is pinning England’s highest award on a lady named, Helen Keller. She asks her, “How do you account for that fact that even though you were both blind and deaf, you were able to accomplish so much in your life?” Without hesitation Helen said that if it had not been for Anne Sullivan, the world would never have known about Helen Keller.
Probably you have guessed, Anne Sullivan was “Little Annie.” She saw Helen Keller as one who needed God’s love to. She loved her, played with her, disciplined her, pushed her until she became a blessing to the world. Helen Keller influenced millions after her own life was touched by “Little Annie.”
Loving people is what Jesus was all about. One day Lazarus became sick. His disciples told him about it, since Jesus loved Lazarus, Mary and Martha. Jesus however, waited till Lazarus died before going. Why? So his disciples would see something very special. Something that would build their faith.
When Jesus arrived at Bethany, Martha came out to meet Jesus and was wondering why he had not come earlier. Jesus reassures her… all is not lost. You see, Jesus is the resurrection and the life.
It was not all about teaching and building faith though… Jesus loved Lazarus… he loved people.
In John 11:36 it says, “See how he loved him!” How did they know? What does love look like?
Well, if you read the previous verses, you find that Jesus “SAW,” “HE WAS DEEPLY MOVED,” “TROUBLED,” “and he “WEPT.” Loving people like Jesus does involves more than a casual glance as you can see in the story of the Good Samaritan. Love is seen in actions, not just heard in words. Learn how to love like Jesus.

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