Lisa And Bess On “Love”

John says “God is love” (I John 4:8). We express his love everyday in the little things we say and do. Yet trying to understand this love has often defied our ability to define it. To some, “lust” is love. To another, “freedom and privilege” is love. Others think “feelings and emotions” are the closest way to understand this love. However, until one looks into the Bible and looks at the life of Jesus, we will never really understand much less be able to define real love.
Though this love, one can overcome all sorts of obstacles and difficulties both personally and in one’s family. Through it ‘bitterness’ can be changed to ‘betterness’. Enemies are overcome by it’s strange power. The ‘fault-line’ we saw in others, disappears and amazingly never fails. By it’s power, ventures are begun and victories are won.
Jesus one day placed a little child in the middle of a crowd, and announced that they had to become like these to know and enter the kingdom of God. Why? Because children understand what love is. They are quick to forgive and put things behind and continue on.
Recently I was reading the “Enquirer” and it had an article on Lisa (8 years old) and Bess (12 years old). When Lisa was asked “What is love?” This is what she said… “Love is something you can’t see, touch or smell. Love is when you make good in school and your parents tell everybody about it!” “Love is when your parents buy you something and go without for themselves.” “Love is seeing your new baby brother for the first time.”
“Love is helping someone or just smiling at them. Love is sharing with someone and forgetting about the time they didn’t share with you.” “Love is forgiving everyone of the things they did to you.” “Love is knowing you are loved and loving everyone back.” “Love is giving… not taking.” “Love for fellowman and love for God go together.”
When Bess was asked this question she said… “Love is like a gift. It can be like a gust of wind, or fragile like a tea cup. It’s always beautiful.” “Love is helping, reaching out, and caring. It is being involved with others and putting their needs before your own.” “Love is raking leaves for a sick neighbor, sharing your last donut, petting a puppy, and getting dad a glass of iced-tea on a hot day.”
It seems like these two young girls are wiser than many of us adults. Perhaps we too could learn from children about what the kingdom of God is really like.
Dad’s definition of love: “Love is the fixed, deliberate decision of the heart that places the concern and needs of someone else above that of your own self. It is not based on emotions but gives rise to the emotions that bring life to your life. You see this love in Jesus… Every time the Bible says, He “saw” or “looked” it follows up with things like “He was moved with compassion”, “He was deeply moved in his heart” and then he ACTED. One time it says, “Jesus wept” and afterwards, Lazarus was raised from the dead!
Much thanks to Lisa and Bess!


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