Twenty Five Cents

I was watching “Outnumbered” on Fox News, and they were discussing children getting an ‘allowance’.
A survey which had been taken revealed that the average parent surveyed was giving their children about $1360.00 per year, which is $113.00 per month or $28.00 per week or $4.00 per day as an allowance!!! Some were paying their children $20.00 for every “A” on their report cards.
I remember when I was a teen, dad was making $164.00 per week! As a teenager, we were cleaning up our rooms, making our beds, washing and drying dishes in the evening, cutting the grass and cleaning up the garage, helping plant gardens, helping mom with the dusting, and vacuuming, ironing our clothes and putting away our clothes… or just helping out. It was expected.
What was our allowance? TWENTY FIVE CENTS a week! Back then when gasoline was .50 per gallon and a new Chevrolet Impala was $3500.00, TWENTY FIVE CENTS was pretty good! We never thought of ‘going on strike. We never claimed we were mistreated… but then Eddie, the youngest brother did say, “I want to appeal the Supreme Court.” (Dad told him, “I’m IT son.”) We didn’t say, “You know dad… 3% inflation is eating away at this quarter… we think we deserve more!” $4.00 per day, would have been a major bill for mom and dad. He would have said, “Take it or leave it!” Now one day dad did ‘open the books’ and ask, “How much do you pay for Room and Board? Food? Clothing? Toys? Shoes?” “Nothing” was our answer. Then he said, “So be grateful for what you have and get, and help out!”
Dad wrote a small book called, “How to handle your parents.” One of the chapters is entitled, “Demand your rights”. He points out that kids have the RIGHT to DEMAND that parents allow them to help around the house, make beds, clean rooms, wash dishes etc… and just help carry their weight. Parents have responsibilities… and kids will never learn to be responsible, unless they are taught and allowed to help out.
Times and things have changed… but some things don’t. The dollar isn’t worth what it used to be. Allowances are fine, but don’t try and buy your children’s respect or obedience. We never thought of ourselves as in a position to demand it. We RESPECTED mom and dad, and learned early to say “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU”. We learned to APPRECIATE what we were given… especially our TWENTY FIVE CENTS.
I don’t know how much it cost mom and dad to raise us. A recent survey said the ANNUAL cost for raising a child in 2012 was $12,500 – $14,500, which equals about $225,000.00 over 18 years. You could build a nice house for that! All I know is, I owe mom and dad no matter how old I get… I’ll always be grateful for their love and care.
Paul said, “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (I Thessalonians 5:18).

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