Amazing Grace And Divorce (Part Three)

Having said all this, one then asks the question, “Since I have been through divorce, and am remarried, how do I proceed from here?”

1.) I want to be clear here, in that all sin is forgivable through the blood of Jesus. The need to Christians is to repent and pray. Stop doing what you have done. In this case, stop divorcing and remarrying. You are married now, right? So here are five things to at least begin with to determine. (1) YOU ARE NUMBER ONE IN MY LIFE! (2) I ACCEPT YOU AS YOU ARE – NO NEED TO CHANGE – BE YOURSELF (3) I WILL NOT MAKE A MORAL JUDGEMENT AGAINST YOU (4) YOUR FEELINGS ARE YOUR FEELINGS AND YOU ARE FREE TO HAVE THEM (5) I WILL NOT DIVORCE YOU – EVER (YOU ARE SAFE). Here we begin, and move forward in the grace of God.

2.) The is no need to try and unscramble the eggs, or have another divorce to try and un-do the past… Adultery cannot be un-done, it can only be stopped and forgiven.

3.) Grow in your understanding of how GRACE WORKS. Study, study, study… We have much on this subject here on this web site.

4.) Forgive yourself since God has forgiven you… now TRUST HIM.

5.) Go where Christians meet regularly, who also understand God’s grace.

6.) Work at building a strong, wonderful marriage…

7.) Do not let anyone convince you that the only way to heaven for you is through divorcing again and or living celibate.

8.) Consider another web site with much more indepth study on this subject,

9.) Practice B.E.S.T. principles. (1) BLESS your spouse (Never allow anyone to run your spouse down in your presence PERIOD! (2) EDIFY your spouse. This means build them up. Encourage them. Even in times where you get angry or your spouse gets angry, work at not allowing anger to have it’s way with you. Paul says, “Don’t let Satan gain a foothold.” (3) SHARE with your spouse. Feelings and fears, hurts etc… need to be shared if possible. It helps to bring you closer. (4) TOUCH each other. This does not mean purely sexually. Sex is good in marriage for sure, but this means just holding hands, or a gentle touch… It means a lot.

10.) Pray, and thank God for His mercy, love and grace… You are heaven bound… not because you are great or perfect… but because He is GOOD, LOVING, MERCIFUL, GRACIOUS…. and FORGIVING.

11.) Determine you will not abuse this grace from now one.

Divorce hurts… it is sin… sin is always involved in divorce in some way. I know how it feels to hurt God and others… but God’s love and grace is there for you. Now Grow! Don’t look back…

(“Whoever finds this… I love you!”)

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