Dad’s ‘Just In Case’ Letter

   “We have faced life together – from the very start. It is staggering to reflect on the scores of months, hundreds of days and millions of minutes and seconds have passed into time.
   I remember the first night and I can recall little things (in Miami)… the ride out Brickell Ave. and out to the Pan Am seaport… stopping by the canal…  the fruit drink next to the Capri theater… our dreams and visions, desires and hopes.
   The surgery I’m getting now is so that our lives together may continue without a slow down or the threat of becoming disabled. I praise God that by his grace I can undergo this modern miracle. I believe the best is yet to be, for if something should happen and my death occur, we both would recognize it as God’s will – and that’s always best.
   We know so little about ourselves – our lives – our real inheritance and destiny. He knows! And that’s best!
   Yet to the contrary, I believe this operation is by God’s intervention and by His direction. He has lead us this far and He will lead us home. This is God’s way to give me a new lease on life and renewed purpose to ‘speak the word’ and serve others.
   After all, this has been our life. To lift and help those who have fallen, to encourage and cheer those who are blue and melancholy.
   Whatever I have done in Jesus, you were there to inspire me. Never have you ever given me one occasion to doubt your love for me. You have always been by my side. If I had to leave this life, I would miss you the most.
   Forgive my rambling, and all the other miscues and mistakes I have made, and allow the best of me to remain.
   You are my love. I feel very close to you at this time and my prayer is….
   Dear Father,
   We love you. You gave us life. You brought us together. You caused us to grow, to mature. You have saved us for yourself.
   Whatever life holds, you have given us “all things.” In Christ.
   I love you, my dearest,
   Always, Jack
   December 12, 1979
   (Dad was about to undergo open heart surgery and get a triple bi-pass. He was nervous of course, but then everyone would be. This was a ‘just in case’ type letter.)
   Special letters written in love, concern, instruction and correction were written centuries ago to Christians. Paul wrote 14, John wrote 4 and then a Gospel, Peter wrote 2 and James wrote 1, Jude wrote 1 as well.

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