The Christian Life

   It is no small thing to be a Christian. “Marvelous” and “challenging” are perhaps our best efforts at describing this life but these fall far short of the real joy which comes when one is a genuine disciple of Jesus. The blessings are many, and the challenges are many as well… but the rewards far out-weigh all that we go through in this life.
   Alton Howard. a well known song writer/publisher and elder in the body of Christ published 10 things elders need to keep in mind while shepherding the flock of God, and which help in living the Christian life. Dad cut out and pasted this in his New Testament…
1. Focus on Christ
2. A strong effort to spread the message of Jesus Christ
3. The church family must be biblically educated.
4. We must be concerned about rescuing the perishing rather than damning the saved..
5. We must be willing to accept change in methods.
6. We must permit diversity.
7. The church must be a place (group)(jhejr) where saint and sinner can find love, joy and encouragement.
8. We must make commitments to life change – not just form.
9. Must emphasize basic Gospel facts — Jesus in the flesh — crucified — resurrected
— ascended — coming again!
10. Each Christian must live a life that reflects the life (heart)(jhejr) of Jesus!
Another friend and brother (Charles Hodge Jr.) encourages all to “Grow up!” in Christ.

The most precious relationship is that which we have with Jesus… Let’s commit to renewing this with the goal of having the heart of Jesus.

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