Is America Loosing Freedom?

 Through the centuries, many have fought for this thing called “freedom”. It seems some
things come cheap, but not freedom. Why? Is it JUST concept? People love power… the rule over others. Sometimes that ‘power’ does something to a person, (“absolute power, corrupts absolutely”) the façade falls away, the real agenda appears, formerly called “conspiracy theorists” say “I told you so”, and the real person appears. The one, who sold multitudes with smooth talk, becomes something else. 
   Not everyone is motivated to lead …. Most are supporters and followers, and are happy to be such. This is not bad… People are people. People innately want to be free… but not all want the responsibility of freedom. Freedom demands much… and sometimes is too much for the faint of heart. 
   Like Israel of old…. they came to Egypt and enjoyed the favor of the Pharaoh, since Joseph had been such a blessing to Egypt (Genesis 40-45). Then something happened…. Joseph and his generation died and another ruler came to power… “he didn’t know Joseph” (Exodus 1). He feared Israel because they were many. Freedom was lost for Israel almost over-night and they were made slaves. Four hundred thirty years later they leave Egypt… a free nation. Yet when hardship and responsibility came, they complained and murmured and cried out that they wanted to go back into slavery. Being told what to do, when to do it, fed when it was time, go ‘home’ to sleep… get up the next day and start over.
   No! Freedom isn’t easy…. nor is it cheap. Freedom is not always lost over night. Sometimes it is lost slowly… quietly. Sometimes it takes a few years, sometimes a hundred years. Those who would take freedom from others have to plan it well and carry out their plan quietly at first, because freedom is dear, and they know that people will rebel if it’s not done ‘right’. 
   Is America loosing the freedom for which so many have and continue to give their lives? My opinion is yes… America has a few voices crying out… warning Americans… but many are not listening. There is a fear of being different, mocked, laughed at… the ‘silent majority’ remains silent. All the while something is happening… It has not been done quickly, but it is picking up speed. 
   * Prayer is prohibited in schools…
   * The Ten Commandments 
   * Christmas plays forbidden in schools and on public property
   * The Cross is not permitted on Public grounds
   * Being politically correct governs how we must speak
   * The Second Amendment is being challenged  
   * Homosexuality is being PUSHED legislatively and PROMOTED by Hollywood
   * Government is becoming a “Nanny State” – people are becoming more dependent
   * Instead of a BABY IN THE WOMB… it is called a ‘Fetus’
   * Abortion (even late term) is being promoted
   * Spying on American’s without limit
   * Changes to “check and balance” in government, making it easier to PUSH MORE
   * Marriage (BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN)is under fire… since Homosexuals
      want their rights to this
   Things which made America strong morally, and respected… are being chipped away… How shall America stand, without the foundation on which it was established? 
   Is America still beautiful? Yes! But, her beauty is fading. Is America loosing its freedom? You decide! Can one person make a difference? Yes. 
   Americans must wake up, individuals must do what they can. Not thinking, “Well, I’m only one person.” Just stand… make a difference. If enough of us do…America will once again be a light on a hill… and the world will once again have the respect America so much deserves. 
   Freedom is invaluable, as Christians as well. Paul said, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery (Galatians 5:1). Before you give up freedom… think about what it would be like to be without it.
 (This article was inspired by the “Last ounce of Courage” a great inspiring movie!!!).

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