Key Words In Romans

   Studying God’s grace is like studying God’s creation.. The documentary “God of Wonders” deals with the wonders and beauty of God’s creation. As one studies scriptures and in particular, God’s grace… one is captivated again  and again by the God of wonders and His marvelous plan to save mankind.
   In particular, Paul’s writing to the Christians at Rome goes deeply into the Grace of God, exposing the fallacy of one who tries to be saved by law. Thus it is critical to understand the key words used in Romans. Below, is a list of words and definitions dad had on a card which he kept in his folder for his lesson on grace. I hope this helps you in your studies….

1. IMPUTE – to give or account – to credit
2. ADOPTION – not naturally born into
3. JUSTIFICATION – above charge no indictment (This is a one time action)
4. SANCTIFICATION – Holy set apart (This is an on-going and growing action of the Spirit of God working in the life of the Christian.)
5. PROPITIATION – to satisfy
6. RIGHTEOUSNESS – character of being right
                                        Right religiously with God
7. EXPIATION – making amends
8. PARDON – forgiveness – setting free from punishment
9. GOSPEL – good news – “All the Jesus did”
10. ELECT – chosen
11. WORKS – (alternative) fruits
12. FLESH – body
13. WRATH – God’s anger – displayed in action
14. GRACE – gift – mercy
15. FAITH – believe – not seeing
16. LAW – rule of action
17. LIFE – now – to come
18. SIN – miss the mark
19. DEATH – separation
All of these are GREAT, SWEEPING, PANORAMIC – CONCEPTS – WORDS which add to the understanding of Paul’s work to the Roman brethren.

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