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   To all who read these words, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your patience as these lessons are developed.
   I do not know everything about this subject… and my knowledge of NT Greek is not so great… so I depend on not only my own studies of God’s word, but help from others who DO know and study the Word in light of the original language. 
   I have always thought that if we have to go to the Greek language that we are making things too difficult, but there are times when studies highlighted with ‘light’ from the NT Greek  helps. I certainly admire those who have learned and can understand the Original language of the scriptures.
    The real question here is can we disagree on this and other things and still walk together as ‘Heaven bound learners”? I pray we can! I am grateful for God and for His grace, since none of us deserve what God has freely given to us. The forgiveness, redemption, justification, sanctification… all by his grace.
   Brethren differ… but the idea has always been that we should love and accept each other (Romans 14-15). At least that’s the principle taught.
   These little articles on this ‘hot button topic’, are simply presented in hopes that someone will be encouraged and helped. I have always held that sin (all sin) can and is forgiven by the blood of Jesus Christ. Sins cannot be un-done by our own efforts, and surely if we had to remember every sin and try and un-do them… we would all go a bit crazy, and probably just quit.
   I hope that these articles help, and for those who disagree… well that’s ok. But before you go out and teach someone who has been through the terrible pain of divorce… (Like the minister who told a lady he met who had been through divorce three times… “You have been divorced too many times to be saved.” and refused to study further.) 
I hope you will consider again, the heart of Jesus. If one sin must be un-done… all have to be un-done. That’s not grace. 

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