If You’re Wrong And I’m Wrong, Then Who’s Right

   One weekend dad found himself in a ‘rinky-dink’ town and was staying in a ‘rinky-dink’ hotel/restaurant where the owner was basically doing everything. Dad came down and was ready to eat some breakfast, and the waiter (owner) seated dad at a table with a visiting  preacher (since they were the only customers). Dad said that the waiter must have thought he and the other minister would be comfortable together and have a lot in common. The following conversation developed… as told by dad. “You’re a Baptist minister aren’t you?” “That’s right” the other minister said. “You believe in once saved,
always saved.” “That’s right”, he said. Dad said, “No, that’s wrong.” (Keep in mind, dad was a young feisty type preacher in those days.) The Baptist minister said, “You’re a Church of Christ minister, aren’t you?” “That’s right” dad said. “You believe in once saved, never saved.” “That’s right” dad said. “That’s wrong” said the minister. They both smiled at each other, because they were having breakfast together, and neither were interested in arguing about religious differences. Then dad said, “Well, if you’re wrong and I’m wrong, then who’s right?” 
   Good question! There are a lot of good people out there and obviously not all go to the same church. Just for a moment, lay aside the preconceived ideas and give room for some good old fashioned thinking. The problem many are lacking is ‘balance’. FALSE TEACHING COMES WHEN TRUTH IS ‘PUSHED’ TO AN EXTREME.
   Over the years, I have changed some beliefs which I held for a long time simply because they were out of balance with other plain scriptures. I was guilty of looking for verses to prove what I had believed, in spite of the fact that context and the first rule of interpreting the Bible (“THE PLAINEST THING IS THE MAINEST THING”), didn’t really  support what I thought was right. Often times I over-looked this, and just preached on, because I was young, inexperienced, traditions were pretty strong, and I didn’t want to get ‘fired’ or ‘black-balled’ by other ministers. Friends, it matters very little whether you fall out of the boat on the left side or the right side…. your still out of the boat! 
   The real question a person needs to deal with when studying the scriptures is never WHO IS RIGHT (since this leads to arguments)… but WHAT IS RIGHT. Then all that’s left is ATTITUDE… Are you really searching for truth no matter where it leads… or not? Are you willing to make the changes that being a disciple of Christ demands?  
   Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE. No one comes to the Father but by me” (John 14:6). “ Jesus said it, that settles it!” Even though it takes courage to change, it is worth it. It doesn’t mean everyone will like you… but not everyone liked Him either (John 15:18-19; 16:1-4).

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