The Dream –

   Dad said, “Jack, my time is over.” It seemed there was no way I could convince him otherwise. He had done so much for others, and now his legs were giving him pain, he had a pace-maker, skin cancers that were periodically being removed. Mom was in the nursing home, and we could not convince him, to move in with us. It seemed like he was just ‘tired’. Giving up was never dad’s way, and I knew this. “You still have a lot that you can do, dad.” I said to him. He just smiled, and said, “Jack, my time is done. It’s time for you and others to continue.”
            I sat and spoke with him about the possibility of a website. One where he could put his books, and over time, make them into e-Books. It would be a site where he could have a blog, and carry on discussions with people all over the world,  and possibly do some counseling with those who needed it. Sounded like a good idea to dad. It was 2010 and we were discussing it a bit more. I didn’t want to push, but I just knew his work was not done. Besides, I told him, “Dad you are so wise, you have so much to offer to so many people. Let’s do something!”
            Dad finally came around to the idea, and we started talking about what to call the site. Dad said, “We have to figure what the site will be about… its purpose.” There were several ideas and thoughts that we discussed:  1.) “Amazing Grace” since over the years, dad had done so much study on the subject. Yes, he wrote about it earlier in his ministry. Yet, time, prayer, experience and study helped him to “grow in grace”. We played with this name, but it was being used quite a bit.  2.) “”, well, he liked that.
            Unfortunately, dad went into the hospital to have his leg operated on to ease the pain form an artery being clogged. It was during this period that things started going down hill. He has a slight heart attack, and after a time, had another, and after a short recovery in the nursing home, had another. He passed away February 7, 2010. The dream was gone… I thought.
            Then after a couple of months, I went to a local web builder who had helped in the past with my computer. We talked about the possibilities, the obstacles and it started. After two years of work, was ‘born’. With hundreds of articles by myself and dad, books for free and for sale, pictures, a special teens area, Bible studies, discussions and more. The site continues to be improved, and expanded. All dedicated to the memory of my dad, Jack Exum. Dedicated to keeping his work going, and reaching out to all who want to ‘grow in grace’.

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