Oakley, England (UPI) Sarah Steed, 3years old, fell in a septic (waste) pool and lay submerged for ten minutes before she was pulled to safety from the nine foot pit. The police said, she must have been in an air pocket somewhere beneath the surface or else she could not have survived. Obviously the parents were very grateful to receive their child back alive.
   We have many priorities in life. Many things call for our attention all the time to the point where we have to read books and take courses on how to organize and prioritize and get things done. Yet when we think about it, we know what is really important even though we don’t act like it.
   I was taught to “keep it simple”, and it really is… but it’s hard to keep it that way. God first, family second, business and friends third. As busy as we become, all our busy-ness gets laid aside when life is threatened, especially when it is one of our own. We will ‘move heaven and earth’ to save our child. Other things all of a sudden don’t matter. “My child is in danger!” Priorities have changed.
   When Jesus taught His sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), he taught priorities. It is hard for us to see spiritual things as more important than physical things. Yet Jesus shows us how putting God and spiritual matters first can have a dynamic affect on our physical lives.
   Blessed (happy) are the poor in spirit; Blessed (happy) are they that mourn; Blessed (happy) are the meek; Blessed (happy) are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness; Blessed (happy) are the merciful; Blessed (happy) are the pure in heart; Blessed (happy) are the peace makers; Blessed (happy) are the persecuted for righteousness sake.
   The world looks at these things and laughs. “That is ridiculous! How can these attitudes bring happiness?” The world looks on and thinks of these things as signs of weakness. “Turn the other cheek?!” “Go the second mile?!””Love your enemies?!”
   Jesus didn’t come to make us comfortable and rich in this world. He came to help us find real priorities. He will not take second place, yet he will not force us to give him first place.
   Life is important, and saving life is important… yet even more important than that, is our spiritual life. For after this life is over, there is more to come. “Seek first His kingdom and righteousness” and see what will happen in life. Get priorities right and keep them right. Jesus definitely is the answer to many of our troubles… He can put life together, and make it meaningful, when others just shake their heads. His promises are true, and his blessing are real, and when all other things in life fail… Jesus won’t.

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