Blessed Are The flexible For They Shall Not Get Bent Out Of Shape

   Listening to “The Horse Whisperer” last night was really interesting. ‘Buck’, had gone through a really tough childhood along with his brother. His dad had pushed them into stardom in TV commercials, since they had learned at a very early age about twirling a rope, doing fancy tricks that drew many crowds.
   Their dad was a drunk, and often they would receive beatings because of his anger over the least bit of imperfection he noticed in them. Eventually the football coach noticed the whelps left on ‘Buck’s’ back when he showered after PE, and called the local Sheriff, who had the boys taken away from their dad (their mom had passed away).
   It was hard but they had to learn to trust and love people again. As ‘Buck’ told his story, he spoke of how he had always been interested in horses, and one day, met Ray Hunt a horse whisperer’. He followed him for years, watching how his method of gently handling the roughest horse, could accomplish more in a few days, than most could in a month. Now, ‘Buck’ is a ‘horse whisperer’, and he speaks of how training a horse is similar to training children, and dealing with people. He spoke of how his past helped him understand how horses and children are sensitive to body language, moods, sudden movements, anger, love, touching, etc.. They know when they are loved, and when they are hated and unwanted. You can hurt both to the point that any movement you make, will cause them to react in fear and self-defense.
   ‘Bending’ is a life principle, and deals with handling burdens. Sometimes the burden and stress gets too much, and sometimes you need a ‘flexible attitude’ in dealing with both a child and a horse. Being a rigid, over-demanding, perfectionist… is not the way to train either one. Trainers/parents have to have the love and patience to be flexible… and not get all bent out of shape over everything. The important thing to remember is, it takes love and time to train. If you don’t CARE, it will show.
   ‘Buck’ and his family now travel to appointments at ranches, where horse owners from all around come to learn how to handle their horses. Many are confronted by him for their bad methods, and they have to learn how to un-do the damage they have done. Sometimes, it is too late and the horse has to be put down… Sometimes it is too late for a child, and some end up in prison for life. Bottom line, it is time for people to wake up and seek help if they need help in raising their children.
   “And ye fathers, PROVOKE NOT YOUR CHILDREN TO WRATH (don’t push them to the point of hating you and others); but bring them up in the nurture (care) and admonition (teaching and encouragement) of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4). Jesus never beat a child… and I doubt He would beat a horse. People young and old, wanted to be with Jesus because they knew He cared.
   If you want to change things… begin with the one in the mirror… try being flexible.

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