Abortion – A Personal Choice?

     As I look at this ‘tract’, I notice that it is a bit old, say probably 15 to 20 years old. Written originally while dad was at his old address here in Lake City, Florida. During this time he handed out hundreds maybe thousands of this little thing. His purpose? It was simply to stop teenagers mainly from making a decision they would most likely regret. Yes, it is a tract for any and all to read, for the same purpose.
   As I write this, I remember when dad showed to me a wooden box with a matching hinged top. It was lined carefully on the inside with soft, red cloth, and it had a brass latch on it which kept the precious contents safe during travel. You may have seen it in one of his meetings with a congregation or group of teenagers. The box was small, it looked like an ordinary box, and created curiosity in the airports he traveled through. What was so important, so precious that it was cared for this way? It was a small six weeks old aborted baby.
   Before you get all excited, understand this little boy was given to dad for a purpose by a friend. The purpose was so people could see that at just 20 weeks, what everyone calls a “fetus” or “a mass” is in fact, a child. I have no picture of this little boy, but memory serves well enough, besides I would should no disrespect to him.
   Now I present to you dad’s tract… word for word…
   “Abortion is just another word for death. Whether deliberate or not the results are the same. Two positions have emerged – “Abortion On Demand” and “The Right To Life”.

   According to the supreme court, abortion is just a matter of personal choice. Life for the unborn no longer holds the position of honor and protection, but now is in the broad area of human choice or judgment. The changing attitude toward crime in general continues on the downward slide. The victim is often ignored while the criminal clamors for his/her rights.

                                   SUICIDE IS A PERSONAL CHOICE

   Few people elect this form of demise when someone still loves them. Yet even this last fatal judgement of the mind is not just a “personal choice” when it directly involves others. To “pull one’s own plug” in the twilight of life is hardly compared to a plane hijacker who threatens himself and many others on board.

   Abortion is a personal choice that involves more than the one making it. In America alone, 17 million (unborn) babies were “aborted” in the last 10 years. What kind of “personal choice” is it when I decide to end the life of another person? Such decision was not based on  a threat to the mother’s life or was the pregnancy the result of rape or abuse. Deformity or disease are not involved in the vast majority of “wasting these lives”. A personal choice was!

                                      MURDER IS A PERSONAL CHOICE

   Abortion is death and the choosing of death is made by one person for another. This law in principle reads, “It is my personal choice (judgment) to choose death for you.” When murder is committed, one (the murderer) chooses death for another (victim). They bury the victim and the murderer is punished.
   Aborting a “life” is not the same kind of murder. Yet in principle, they are identical. “I choose death for you!!” Is abortion really just a matter of “personal choice”?

                                              MY LITTLE FRIEND

   I am writing these few words while flying to a weekend appointment. There is a passenger on board that did not pay for his fare. I offered to pay it for him, but they refused. He is sitting in the seat next to me. He reclines in somewhat of a mystical “praying hands” position. He is so small he sits unnoticed. His mother is not here. He has never spoken a word. He does not cry. His father is alive today, somewhere on earth. A friend gave him to me to care for. Lunch will be served in a few moments, yet he will not eat. He once had a very strong appetite – but no more. He didn’t lose it, it was taken from him!

   He will never again swim with abandoned pleasure in the fluids of his mother’s womb. She did not love him. He is in limbo. His cry was never heard.

   His “personal choice” to live was cast aside. He was not made a “ward of the court” but to the contrary, all protections, by the courts, were removed from him. He was one of five million who have been wasted by a culture that places a “low self-image on life”.
   The doctors who took the vow to preserve life, deliberately destroyed his. He was not sucked out of the womb in small bits and pieces much like a garbage disposal discharges waste. He was one of the elite who was poisoned with a saline (salt) solution. He did not drink it willingly. It was injected into his little world.
   Now he sits – quiet and still. He is preserved in chemicals, and kept inside a special container – hidden from the eyes of the living. Atrocities of any given generation happen – yet none seems to be aware of them while they are going on.
   We’re now making our decent into New York City. This could have been his hometown, for more of his relatives were aborted here last year than were born alive. I dare not remove him from his hiding place. He would strike fear in the hearts of all the passengers.
   His conception was a personal choice, and so was his death. He is a legal “homicide” yet never threatened anyone with harm. He may have been another Einstein or Edison.
   He is silent yet so eloquent.
   He is naked and defenseless, yet he attacks us – reminds us – shames us!
   We fear him for we have failed to love him.
   We hide from him, yet there is no place.
   Now everyone is departing. Look at them – hugging loved ones – sweethearts embracing. It’s great to be alive.
   My little friend? His life stopped at 20 weeks yet he is perfectly formed. Weight – about half pound – size – a handful.
   On his tomb is placed the saying, “Cold is my grave, but O I love it. For colder were my friends above it.”
   “Personal choice?” We’ve heard from the living, perhaps now we should listen to the dead.

   Free copies of this tract are available while they last. Just write and let me know.

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