Dad Went Fishing

   OK, I just heard this from Bob while we were at a restaurant, but it’s just too funny to pass up. We don’t know where this happened, and we don’t know when… We just know it happened, and somewhere in Wyoming, there is a picture of this.
   Dad and a friend went river Trout fishing. They had traveled  out in  the rolling hills, and found a quiet place along the river. Preparations were under way. Fly fishing for Trout is no easy thing for a beginner. Dad was a beginner. He had been deep sea fishing for Drum and Barracuda, he had been fishing off the coasts of Ireland, and in beautiful lakes in Canada, and had done fine. Preparation for river Trout fly fishing included wearing some (what we call) ‘rubbers’. Actually the proper name is hip-waders. It’s what preachers wear when they are baptizing someone. Well dad figured he knew all about this, so he gingerly slipped on his waders, and tied them neatly at the waste. He forgot one thing… AIR. He had trapped air in the outfit. Anyway, he proceeds into the water, prepared for battle with the river Trout. All went well till he got out into the middle of the river, and then it happened. The air trapped in his waders started to make him float. The rocks were slippery, the current was fast, and his feet went out from under him, and he started floating down the river. Amazing things happen when dad goes fishing.


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