To The Man Who Would Not Quit

All hail to the boy who raised his eyes,
And saw the greatness of the skies,
Who grabbed a fist of polluted air,
And began his walk up the stairs,
Even with braces that did not fit,
He was the boy that would not quit!

Like a shot of a gun, others passed by on a dead run,
They would say to the boy, as they passed him by,
You’ll never make it to the skies,
But in his slow pace, he just walked on,
He never stopped to rest or sit,
But with a smile on his face – in his heart a great song,
He was the boy who would not quit,

Graduation day came as he stood in the crowd,
Many were not there who had spoken so loud,
Yet the tassel and gown were a perfect fit,
For that crippled boy, who never did quit.
(Jack Exum)

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