Bible Baptism (Imersion) – Implications

Now that I’ve been born again of water and Spirit (John 3:1-10)…
1. I have followed the example of Jesus
    Matt. 3:13-17
2. I have fulfilled all righteousness
    Matt. 3:15
3. My Father is pleased with me
    Matt. 3:17
4. I have obeyed the command of Jesus
    Matt. 28:19
5. I have been saved
    Mark 16:16; Titus 3:5
6. I can see the kingdom of God
    John 3:3
7. I have entered the kingdom of God
    John 3:5
8. I have been forgiven of sins
    Acts 2:38;22:16
9. I have received the gift of the Holy Spirit who stays with me always
    Acts 2:38-39
10. I have acted on my faith
    Acts 8:36-39
11. I have been added to the church the one body.
    Acts 2:41, 47; I Cor. 12:13
12. I have been united with Christ
    Romans 6:3-5
13. I have put on Christ
    Gal. 3:27
14. I have become one with all who are in Christ.
    Gal. 3:28
15. I have been raised to walk a new life.
    Col. 2:12
16. I have a clear conscience
    I Pet. 3:21

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