Everything Relates To The Cross (By Jack Exum)

UNITY ecerything relates to JesusJust a simple drawing Dad did.

For the Christian, the cross of Jesus is central. It cannot be separated from the everyday Christian life. One gets up with the  cross of Christ weighing on the heart, and one goes to bed with the cross.
While liberalism attacks and diminishes the cross of Christ, with all true believers the cross means everything.
* Giving
* Eating or drinking or whatever you do
* Soul winning
* Singing
* Prayer
* Lord’s Supper
* Church attendance
* Resurrection hope
* Food given to the hungry
* Faith/Salvation
* Bible classes
* Teaching and preaching
* Giving a cup of water to the thirsty
Of course you can continue the list. Just imagine what happens when you take the cross of Jesus out of the picture? Or out of our lives? It is then that we lose purpose, and reason for anything on the list.
Do your own study, put scriptures and illustrations where needed… Preach the word!

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