Jack Exum With Brother Long In Hahira

Jack Exum

Jack Exum

Francine Coppage, a friend of dad sent me this old picture. Along with the picture, this note….
“The attached picture was made in Hahira, Georgia, during a gospel meeting in August, 1954. Bill Long served as the song leader that week. (Jack Exum) served as a counselor at Camp Olena (pre Florida Bible Camp) August 12-18, 1951. John Pearl Prevatt was in charge of the camp that year. Mr. Prevatt had spent some time at Dasher Bible School (Georgia Christian School) prior to that. I was twelve at the time of the camp. All of us girls in our cabin decided to slip out and go for a walk one night. We bumped into Jack Exum right after we departed. It was very dark, and we really did bump into him. We thought he was an old man–guess he was around 23 at the time. I still do not know how he knew about our plan.

Brother Exum held several meetings at Central Church of Christ in Valdosta. We always enjoyed his “revivals”. I believe the last time he was at Central he spoke on giving on just one Sunday morning.”

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