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Jack Exum, Sr, - Dad's Best  “Don’t put anything in writing till after sixty years old, Jack. Then be careful. Because when it is in print, you can’t deny it.”  I guess dad learned this through the years. It seems pretty wise to me.

Dad wrote 39 books, covering a variety of subjects. The books are not big, compared to others. Each book, each page is full of his love for the Lord, and people. They encourage you to think for yourself, question some traditional beliefs, and search the scriptures. “It’s not WHO’S right that matters… WHAT IS RIGHT is the important thing!” His writing is simple and clear, his illustrations are helpful, shedding light on Bible truths and principles of life. His goal, to help people.

He never claimed to be ‘profound’, he claimed no divine inspiration or revelation from God. He believed deeply in the revelation of God’s will in the Bible, as final and complete.

He was a people person, and his lessons contained very little reference to the Greek language to prove points. I remember no syllogisms, but a lot of illustrations, common sense, stories and scriptures in his lessons.

“The PLAINEST THING IS THE MAINEST THING”, was one of his favorite sayings.

He loved Jesus, the church, and depended on God’s great grace and God’s Holy Spirit to guide him through life….

Many loved and respected him and his writings, a few did not, but the ‘nay-sayers’  didn’t worry him. He just kept on writing, sharing his thoughts with all who would listen and read. He wasn’t into making a lot of money through his material either… so he would often have ‘great deals’ and give books away in bundles if people would pay the postage. He just wanted to get ‘the message’ out!

With this web site, we are offering his material in a similar way. Prices are set to ‘get the message out.’ WE ARE NOT DONE WITH THIS SITE! It is our prayer, that his books, and other materials will be a blessing, and encouragement. As dad always said in his prayers, so we pray that, God will “keep us always in His love”.

In His grace,

Jack Exum Jr.
496 SW Jafus Avenue
Lake City, Florida, 32024

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SPECIAL THANKS TO EARL CHINNICI  – (, for his invaluable help in publishing, and his gracious help in publishing Dad’s books in e-book format. I will always be indebted to Earl for his help, and grateful for his friendship.

Heaven bound,
Jack Exum Jr.

The ABC's of Grace by Jack Exum

  • The ABC’s of Grace – A beginner’s view to the subject of GRACE. This foundational concept is an absolute must if we are to avoid the pitfalls of LEGALISM yet remain true to the GOSPEL of Christ. Here you will come to the realization that as a Christian, you don’t have to ‘measure up’ to a ‘check list system’. You don’t have to repeat from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed in the evening, “Forgive me Lord”, “Forgive me Lord”. The “ABC’s of Grace” does not encourage the Christian to abuse grace, nor be afraid of it, but to accept it and find the confidence that comes because of God’s grace. Knowing you are God’s beloved child… now, you just need to GROW! Smashwords  Amazon
  • Through The Years With Jack Exum – Walk with Jack through 54 years of married life and 54 years of ministry. Laugh with the humor, cry with the pain. Read, as he talks about life, love, liberty, relationships and remembrances. The research has been done over 60 years. He puts into words the emotions he felt, the wonder of life he experienced and the marvel of grace that God gives. Get that favorite cup of coffee or tea, curl up in your favorite chair and begin remembering. God is good, life is rich, and there is enough to go around for us all. Available as .PDF for $1.00 — NOT AVAILABLE IN Hard Copies at this time.

Redeemed -300w400h96dpi

  • Redeemed –  “To buy back – “to gain possession of by repurchase” . . .To rescue or deliver as from bondage of sin and the penalties of God’s violated law.” From design to purpose, every word, each sentence and paragraph will point to salvation from sin and deliverance from Satan.  This book shows how God planned to redeem man – it gives a simple overview that begins in Genesis and ends in Revelation. Use this book as a guide in talking to others about salvation. Let the included hand-drawn chart guide you through this study. Smashwords Amazon
  • Limited Hard Copies of “Redeemed” are also available (48 pages) – Cost $3.00 plus S/H

Fences, Freedom, and Following Christ

  • Fences, Freedom, And Following Christ – When you set out to change the way things have traditionally been done, there will be friction. We suffer right now more from the sins of disposition than sins of omission and maybe even commission. “The church is the only army I know that tends to shoot its wounded.” Never build a church of issues for they just come and go with the times. It should be enough that Christians endure the scorn, pain, anguish and persecution, heaped upon them by heathens.  Too often, they may have the added burden of attacks by vicious brethren. This is a HELPFUL AND NEEDED book for the church, body of Christ, today! Smashwords Amazon
  • Hard copies of “Fences, Freedom, And Following Christ” are also available (45 pages) – $3.00 plus S/H
  • DAD’S Notes On Family Seminar – This letter sized book of 50 pages covers the actual notes of Jack and Ann Exum, who through the years have conducted Family Seminars.  Main divisions are:  Husband-wife relationships.  Communications; Parenting; Human Sexuality; Concepts.  The helpful hints alone would be worth the price.  Time, work and lots of love and understanding keep the marriage growing.  We either grow up together or we divorce.  These notes call for “growing up time”. Hard Copies ONLY Available at this time – $3.00 Plus S/H

Basic Bible Course by Jack Exum

  • Basic Bible Course This letter size book of 52 pages is a primer for beginning soul-winners.  Each chapter includes printed questions to be answered.  Chapters covered:  Bible, Old and New Testaments, God, Sin, Jesus Christ, birth and baptism, Ministry and teaching, death and resurrection, Grace, Christ’s church, Faith and obedience, Love, worship, faithful service.   The style is simple, the teachings are biblical and the results are lasting.  A very popular study book for the individual or for classes. – Sorry, this book is NOT AVAILABLE at this time in hard copy. However, you can download it free of charge AND MAKE COPIES FOR CHURCH USE as .PDF… It’s a great opportunity to study the Bible.

Soul Winning By Jack Exum

  • Soul Winning: Is It What You Do Or What You Are? – Soul winning is not a program designed by some church.  Soul winning is not something you do but something you are.  The programs, organizations, promotions are all fine within themselves, but they never have been, nor are they now the answer.Without Christ living within, the effort is futile.  Chapters in this books are as follows:  Basic Attitude; Person or Performance?;  The Heart, the most Important Thing;  One by One, The Way its Done;  Seven Blessings of the Soul Winner; Why We Don’t Get Involved;  A Soul Winning Church;  The Unseen Power Motive; Love in Action;  Long/Short range goals;  Dynamic Churches;“Go Ye”, means wherever you go; Post Scrip; Introspection by Light – NOT AVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.

The Great Commision By Jack Exum

  • The Great Commission — Our Continuing Challenge – This book considers 49 different and varied topics relative to soul winning.  The lead chapter on the Great Commission is worth the price of the book.  It is filled with illustrations and stories that inspire us in speaking and embracing truth.  From the ‘Worker That God Uses’ to Micaiah, ‘Prophet Number 401’, this is a must in any library.  Ninety-two pages filled with material for the teacher, minister, or member. (For some reason, the last two pages are not there.I HAVE NO idea why this is so!) The Great Commission — Our Continuing Challenge. NOT AVAILABLE at this time. When I publish the eBook version, it will be complete!

The Art Of Illustrating By Jack Exum

  • The Art Of Illustrating – Little information is available on the general theme of HOW TO ILLUSTRATE.  This book is dedicated to the wonders of stories, play-acting, illustrations, and visual aids.  Exum is an original illustrator.  His imagination is unlimited – his visual aids are amazing.  The one chapter on “Thinking Across the Grain’ is exciting and stimulating.  This book is a must for public speakers, teachers, or those who just enjoy the thrill of imagination and the love of living – (172 pages)  Limited Hard Copies Extra Special – $15.00 plus S/H
  • Give And You Shall Get – This big little book of 32 pages gets to the heart of the grace of giving.  Too long have we thought only about getting, holding, titling, possessing.  The Give-Get principle is basic to successful living.  Never speak of money as an end.  It is little more than an indicator, a barometer.  When dollar signs get in your eyes, you’re bound to fail.  Money must be seen in its relationship to life.  If you are cast in stone, don’t order this book.   It will insult you, attack you, and embarrass you.  This little book will change your life. – VERY LIMITED HARD Copies Available – $3.00 plus S/H.Winning Over Worry – This book has been a best seller for nearly 30 years.  It covers the field with chapters on Worry, Pride, Fear, Doubts, Inferiority, Loneliness, Suffering, Worldliness, Home Problems and Death.  People took acid in the 60’s to make the world seem weird.  Now they are taking Prozac to make it seem normal.  We buy things we don’t need, and spend money we don’t have, to keep up wit people we don’t even like.  The large majority of us have the same basic problems that everyone else has.  In this book the author demonstrates a keen understanding and a down to earth approach to the above topics.  A must in today’s hectic world.  – (96 pages) – HARD COPIES are unavailable at this time.

  • The Glory Of The Ordinary PLUS Questions You Have Asked – The mission of the church (and the individual Christian) is to teach the uninformed and convert the mistaken. Church leaders, teachers, and special workers, though essential to the stability of the local church, together forms only a small percentage of the congregation. Eighty percent would be a conservative estimate of the vast number of Christians who are not engaged in any special work for the Master. They are the ordinary members. With little incentive to do more than to meet for regular services, many Christians are falling by the wayside. Andrew is the example of one who became a soul winner and brought his brother, Simon Peter to Jesus. Discover the true joy in the power to ‘meet one’, ‘teach one’, and ‘bring one’ to Christ. This is the “Glory of the Ordinary”.  (96 pages) — GREAT NEWS!!! THIS (TWO BOOK COMBINATION) IS NOW AVAILABLE in .PDF format FOR $3.00! This is an unbelievably helpful book for SOUL WINNERS, with over 80 questions answered in regards to the task of winning souls for Christ.
  • Fables For Today – For kids 4 through 100, this is a 124 page book of stories that thrill the heart. A story book for children, a wisdom book for adults. Here is a sincere wish from the author, that each one may find in these pages, a bit of humor, a bit of sadness, a bit of excitement and a bit of themselves. Live life over again as you read and share with the family the wonder of imagination and fables. The 124 entries will thrill your heart and stir your emotions. — A book for the ages and for all ages. — NOT AVAILABLE IN HARD COPY.
  • Questions You Have Asked About Soul Winning – Many books have been written on personal evangelism or soul winning. Yet among all these writing, few answers have come to the plain, down to earth questions facing the soul-winner. Instead of more books on plans, methods and organizations, here is one book that answers the main questions that soul-winners are asked. The questions supplied in this book are real – unsolicited.  You have asked them. They belong to the present and the answers are meat for daily use. This positive approach to your inquiries will renew your heart and increase your personal efforts in teaching others. (71 pages) VERY LIMITED Hard Copies Available – $2.00 plus S/H
  • How To Win Souls Today – First published by Revell, it is now available in paperback from the author. Now from the pen of this able and much-sought-after evangelist comes what will prove to be one of his greatest works. The early church was born in a blaze of soul winning. This is the only thing that can arouse the sleeping giant of the 21st century. The words of this book will sweep her out of the gallery and down into the arena of life where the real battle is won – out where the sinners are. Our single objective is to ‘bring them back alive through Christ. No library is complete without this beautiful work. (158 pages) – NOT AVAILABLE IN hard copy at this time.Questions Teens Asked About Sex– From the thousands of questions that were asked, here is a composite of the ones most asked and seem to be the most troubling.  The 10 years of surveying our youth on the general theme of ‘Morality of Sex’ has produced this small but important work.  Read the questions carefully.  Determine before reading the answers that are supplied just how you personally feel about the question.  Compare notes.   Reflect on the answer given.Eventually you will settle on a personal belief that will stand alone.  This book is primarily written for ‘believers’. (32 pages) – LIMITED Hard Copies Available – $1.00 PlusS/H

Sex: Person? Or Performance?

  • Sex: Person? Or Performance? – Hundreds of new books a year roll off the press. This book is not for everybody. Books are like life — if they serve well, they can’t miss. If they meet a genuine need, success finds them, lifts them, and rewards them. The amount of success in ones life is directly related to the amount of service rendered. So it is with books. Sex education truly belongs in the home. Since our homework is not being done, someone had better take the risk, and dare to print such a book as this. If the real definition of sex is ‘doing sex,’ then only those that are active are ‘sexual’. The writer of this book believes sex is ‘what we are’ and that the doing of sex is only an extension of ‘BEING SEXUAL’. Sounds a bit crazy. Read “Sex: Person? Or Performance?” for yourself and then decide. Smashwords Amazon
  • No Hard Copies of “Sex: Person? Or Performance?” are available.

Let's Have A Timothy Class By Jack Exum

  • Let’s Have A Timothy Class  – Here is the first manual ever written on Timothy Class work. It is a young preacher-learner situation that zero’s in on boys from 9-12 years of age. It is a serious work, yet filled with the joys of challenging our youth to reach up for a higher calling. The bulk of the class will be spent on reading scriptures, leading singing, making announcements (which is a real art), giving short talks, and praying. The primary aim is development. The kids do the work and the adult teacher’s simple lead and direct that work. Totally rewarding and in many ways astonishing – watching our children develop skills and gifts that God has given them. – Very popular. Unavailable in hard copy… Timothy Class in .PDF format is AVAILABLE NOW at $1.00!!

Let's Have A Priscilla Class

  • Let’s Have A Priscilla Class – Why have we neglected and often failed our girls. They too should have a class for development. The age group is from 9-12 years old and while the mood is serious, the class is lots of fun. Just watching the girl grow and unleash the power of gifts that God has deposited in them is very satisfying. The leaders do little but the students are committed and do a lot. How to pray, how to lead in a song, how to stand before the group and make simple announcements. These are important in the development of talents. Add to these, giving lessons from the Bible and you have a mix that will mold and enrich the life of the student. For class work, private reading, and study. (71 pages) – Unavailable in hard copy… Get “Let’s Have A Priscilla Class” in .PDF FORMAT for $1.00 (Great for Class leaders who train young ladies in Christ.)
  • Sharing — A Unique Experience In Poetry – Here is a special book for poetry lovers. Poems were submitted over a period of one year and from the thousands received, this anthology of unpublished poets was form and printed by Ed Exum.  Many unknown and unique poems are found in this special book. What a thrill to read poems from authors across America. (101 pages) – UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time. 

The Wisdom Box By Jack Exum

  • The Wisdom Box – UNAVAILABLE IN hard copy at this time.Organizing For Soul Winning “Everybody’s doing everybody’s work and nobody’s work is getting done.” We are scripturally organized but unorganized scripturally.  The preacher does the elder’s work, the elder’s do the deacon’s work and the poor old deacons, don’t know what to do.  This book not only connects with the conversion of sinners, but with the shepherding of the sheep and the health, education, and welfare of the flock.  Read and then reread this small but powerful book or “How to Organize for Successful Soul Winning“. – (21 pages) – Limited Hard Copies  Available – $1.00 Plus S/H
  • Church Leadership – UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.

How to raise 'Kids' Right by Jack Exum

  • How to Raise Kids Right – This book was written more than 25 years ago and yet it is still in strong demand, maybe more so now than when it was first written. Methods are many, principles are few – methods often change, principles never do. The simple yet profound principles of raising kids are life-long. There are no references to look up, no bibliography. The only authority quoted is the Word of God. Right principles are elastic and fit in every generation.  While only a fool will try to tell others how to raise their kids in specific terms,  these ‘law-principles’ form a peripheral edge that houses the kids who make it, the ones we all admire. Smashwords Amazon
  • Limited (approx. 40) hard copies of “How to Raise ‘Kids’ Right” are also available for $5.00 plus S/H. (The ‘hard copy’ contains 82 pages.)
  • Abortion (Pamphlet) – LIMITED Copies Available – Free!! Just let me know.

Dealing with Bitterness - 300w400h96dpi

  • Dealing With Bitterness – This little booklet is written with the simple desire to present the Bible solution to bitterness. It’s not the way of revenge or self-destruction; it is through the doorway of forgiveness. Often ‘blocked’ by our pride, it still remains available. It is a “road less traveled” but we need it desperately. It is true, ‘life just is not fair’. We hurt each other needlessly, carelessly, and too frequently. The results are devastating and the way back is especially difficult. For the hurt and embittered heart, life seems to come to a standstill, while life for the ones who hurt us seems to go on without consequence. There is no special garment or medical treatment that will protect us from bitterness. No surgical procedure can remove the damage done by it to the soul. The ‘promise of new beginning’ comes wrapped in one principle… HEARTFELT FORGIVENESS. Read this little book eagerly, for within its pages you will find the answer to how to deal with bitterness! Smashwords Amazon. UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time. 

Winning Over Stress By Jack Exum

      • Winning Over Stress and Other Fireside Chats –  Winning over stress is an everyday challenge for everyone. The question is what to do about it. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could “take a chill pill,” as the saying goes? But what about the side effects? The author offers no magic or quick fix in dealing with stress, but instead offers a trustworthy and faith-based approach learned over the years. Smashwords Amazon (SOON) Hard Copies UNAVAILABLE at this time.
  •  Personal Notes On A Family Seminar – VERY LIMITED Hard Copies Available – $3.00  plus S/H“Stumbling Blocks” “Grumbling Blocks” This was never published in booklet form… It is presented here as copied from his taped lesson. – ONLY AVAILABLE IN .PDF FORMAT AT THIS TIME – $1.00
  • Church Issues – .PDF $1.00 — LIMITED Hard Copies Also Available – $1.00 plus S/H
  • Two Trees (Unique Story/Coloring Book for children – Pictures by Bob Exum). VERY LIMITED Hard Copies Available – $5.00 plus S/H

Amazing Grace – God's Power To Be

  • Amazing Grace – God’s Power To Be – This book is specially written for those who consider themselves ‘beginners’ in the ‘walk of faith,’ as well as those who are considering ‘giving their life’ to Jesus. Originally a workbook, we now present “Amazing Grace – God’s Power To Be,” as an easy-reading study book, with “Discussion Questions” for individual or small group study. It truly is a “simple, yet profound study of God, His love and mercy toward man, seen in redemption, and how grace is God’s power in the Christian to enable GROWTH!” Smashwords Amazon
  • Workbook: Amazing Grace — God’s Power To Become UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.
  • Leaving Self Behind – Writing is a third dimension.  It is an expression of inner thoughts and is different than the spoken word.  Words are cheap when you say them – not when you write them.  When with all the pitfalls and dangers involved, the greatest good is done through the written word.  God gave us His Word – not pictures.  So it was, one day, when I just felt like writing.  Some from personal experiences and some from life in general.  When I finished, I numbered the pages, took it to the printers and this is it.  “Leaving Self Behind” has been and is still, the hardest task that I have ever faced.  It is a profound idea, and one that is essential to conversion.  Jesus said, “If any man would follow me, let him DENY HIMSELF, and take up his cross and follow me” (Mark 8:34).  Come on, join me and we will try it together.  133 pages – UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.
  • Laughter, Tears, Feelings and Memories – This book just cries out with feelings, stories and memories of life.  You know that I would like to revisit my life at various points and junctures to make changes, correct mistakes and issue apologies.   Sharing some of these writings helped me to recover them.  I penitently renew my ongoing process of ‘surrender’.  The only two viable questions are, am I on the right road and do I continue to learn?  Take special care to read and reread the notes on “Laughter, Tears, Feelings and Memories”.  These are the bones upon which the meat of life hangs.  Without all four, life is incomplete and unfulfilling. – 67 pages – UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.

How Do You Know That You Are Accepted... When You Fail And Don't Do Right?

  • How Do You Know That You Are Accepted… When You Fail And Don’t Do Good? – Jesus shows us God the Father. Who do the disciples of Jesus show us? When asked this question, many reply, “They show us Jesus!” This has been a critical mistake and has made a big difference in the way we look at everyday Christianity. The fact is… Jesus shows us the Father while the disciples of Jesus show us “US!” That truth is surely born out in the life of Simon Peter. Simon clearly shows us – us! I think the name of this book is kind of dumb and long. But does it not cry out within our hearts for an answer? How did Jesus treat Simon Cephas Peter (Jesus called him Satan) when he failed and didn’t do good? Keep in mind that Simon was a disciple, just like you and me. If we look closely at how Jesus treated Simon Peter when he failed, surely we can get a better insight as to how the Lord will treat you and me – when we fail and don’t do good. Smashwords Amazon
  • “How do you know you are ACCEPTED…” is UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.
  • How To Raise Kids, Win Souls And End Up A Sweet Old Man – UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.

How To Stay Married And Love Every Minute Of It! By Jack Exum

  • How To Stay Married And Love Every Minute Of It! – UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.
  • For All Things Are Yours – This large letter sized book of 114  pages is full of cutouts from some 10,000 church bulletins.  They are full of articles, ads, poems, illustrations, and good sayings.  There are pictures on most every page, and all that can be enlarged and reproduced in bulletins and church matters.  The letter size is the equivalent of 228 regular size book pages.  It is a must for those who thrill with the review of articles and great teachings. – VERY LIMITED Hard Copies Available – $1.00 plus S/H

How to Handle Your Parents - 574w765h96dpi

  • How to Handle Your Parents – This small book is designed and written specifically for kids and teens. If they can read, they are not too young, and if they still live at home, this is the book for them. Fun is built within it, yet serious issue and fundamental attitudes are challenged.  The first chapter, “You’re No Bargain To Live With Either” is a weather vane of what is coming. This writing has undergone 8 printings and is one of the most popular books for young people ever written. Hundreds of schools across America have heard the message. The response has been terrific. The eBook is now available FREE at many fine retailers worldwide. Download it, read it, and share it with others. Smashwords 
  • LIMITED Hard Copies of “How to Handle Your Parents” (32 pages) are also available – $3.00 plus S/H

Division And Divorce by Jack Exum

  • Division and Divorce – There is nothing more devastating to the cause of Christ like division.  It scatters our forces, breeds suspicion and hostility and leads to a spiritual   genocide of the army of God.  Division and Denominationalism in the body of Christ has rendered us impotent and helpless.  The same childish attitudes that foster division are found in the divorce court.  If we can isolate and understand them and how they cause division and divorce, we will arm ourselves in a way that will and can defeat both.  Put aside the hurt – lay down your arms and allow the genuine message of this book to have a place in your thoughts.  If we can just stop and think, it may not be too late.  100 pages – UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.

Goosebumps and Butterflies - Dating and the Teenagers

  • Goosebumps and Butterflies, Dating and the Teenager – Remember the first love letter you ever wrote?  It began with bold and uneven print as you struggled to make it even more mature than your 3rd grade level. The first sentence said, “Mark one of the following: Do you like me? Do you love me? Could we sit together at lunch? I love you and will never love anyone else – ever!”  This is a conservative book, all about the dating game. Successful dating is an art – one you can learn. If you are a teenager, ‘dating’ brings many thoughts and feelings, and it also brings many questions! This book is written especially for you! Smashwords Amazon
  • VERY LIMITED Hard Copies (60 pages) of “Goosebumps and Butterflies, Dating and the Teenager” are also available – $2.00 plus S/H

The Holy Spirit - How He Works In The Life Of The Christian Today

  • The Holy Spirit — How He Works In The Life Of The Christian Today – This book is designed to be a “window-cracker” or a “door-opener.” There’s not a ‘defensive bone’ in its ‘body.’ It has no ‘ax to grind,’ and no hobby to ride. It is simple Bible truth about a most complex subject. It is designed to introduce (or re-introduce) the reader to the on-going work of the Spirit in the life of the believer. The original manuscript for this book, was trashed! He said it was too defensive. This writing, without apologies, teaches what the Bible says and what he believed. Without a doubt, this will make you think and will change your life for the better. Smashwords Amazon
  • UNAVAILABLE IN HARD COPY at this time.
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